Property Management System in Nepal

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Today, in world there are various applications that has been designed and developed to make our lives much easier and faster that we have ever imagined. These applications have become an integral part of our lives to perform daily tasks. The advancement of technology has not only supported businesses but has also influenced our day-to-day lives.

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Although, Nepal a developing country has seen a huge involvement of technology in many sectors, property (land sector) is still operating with the same old ways with manual entries for renting. As per the record there are 29.61 million living in Nepal therefore, when it comes to find a property, it is a real struggle here. The impact of rising population has especially impacted the capital cities since people from urban areas move to the capital city to improve their living standards.

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It takes days and months to find a good shelter as per desired location since clients should physically move around searching and negotiating the property. Similarly, from the owner side there is no such technology that an owner could use to manage and maintain the tenant records which is very essential especially in Nepal since the dealership between the tent and the owner is not banded through legal contracts. Most of the landlords still use calendar to collect their payment from tenants. They still use a traditional method of tracking the payment on a piece of book.

It would be much easier if there was a platform which bridges the widening gap between the owners and the tenants through developing a property management system that allows both the tenant and landlord to effectively connect and manage their finances, assets and perform a quick and efficient rental search via a technical platform.


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