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There are times when I feel that everything I have lived through does not apply (as they say now) to these times when it seems that everything has changed. In fact, it is not that it seems, it is that everything changed and the change was from one moment to the next.

Now it turns out that what we did yesterday is no longer done today, that what we used to say is no longer said and what we used to think is no longer said either.

As if all of a sudden you were left on the side of the road with a blown engine and making signs that no one understands.

I find it hard to accept changes when they are related to education, respect, principles and the order of things. I say the order of things because of their priority.

Things that should not change, not by whim but by common sense.

First the floor, then the walls and finally the ceiling and it is not that the ceiling is less important than the floor and the walls, it is that without the floor and the walls you cannot put the ceiling.

I listen first, then I answer. How can I answer if I don't listen?

I learn first, then I give my opinion. How can I give my opinion if I do not know the subject?

How can I change a language if I do not know how to speak or write it correctly?

It is not that I am against changes, in fact I am interested in learning new ways of communication, cybernetics and science improve people's lives.

I am just saying that there is a natural order of things that is not good or intelligent to change.