📷 Cozy places to relax and photo zones

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Have a nice day! On Sundays we really like to walk in our wonderful park, so this time I did not change my traditions. I'll show you some photos from this cool walk..

Today, you can find interesting places for filming in almost every city. We also have them in the Kuban :-)

That's just not always immediately possible to figure out what landscape designers wanted to show in such objects...

Why do you think these trees were raised on such almost two-meter-high pedestals?

Or what was this plant maze designed for?

However, I liked this pool surrounded by poplars right away.

Fish used to swim here, but some careless guests of our park began to catch them. Perhaps you were hungry and then suddenly saw dinner floating right into your hands?

In the evenings, there is a place to relax after a busy working day. You can also take pictures against the background of such picturesque landscapes.

It is in autumn that the whole park is full of colorful outfits.

And the flowers immediately attract the eye. Have you guessed what it is?

Fallen leaves can already be found. And clouds often appear in the sky...

Although everything is always immediately cleaned and cleaned. There is not a speck or a speck of dust around :-)

I really like to relax in our wonderful park.

The park is cozy, quiet and spacious. Take a walk for your own pleasure and enjoy nature.

It is not by chance that this place has already become a favorite for many citizens and guests of the Kuban capital.

Thank you for Your attention and visit.
I appreciate Your feedback and comments.
I wish you luck and have a nice day!
Best wishes!


Да, представляю какой потрясающий ваш парк осенью!!! И подсветка вечерняя тоже очень красивая. Цветочек шалфей? Я вспоминаю его по твоим прежним фоткам 😀 ты молодец, что выходишь погулять в парк несмотря на сложное время. Его надо пережить максимально оберегая свою нервную систему. Гуляй там почаще, дорогая!!!!

Спасибо тебе за пожелания и внимание, дорогая.
Сейчас для меня это очень важно.
А вот гуляю я не так уж и часто :-(
Это фото ещё с прошлого года...

А почему сейчас не часто выходишь? Нет желания? Или сложно выкроить время?

Желание есть всегда, а вот времени очень мало. Ничего не успеваю делать...

Да, когда все на одни руки, это не удивительно 😶 сил тебе, дорогая!!!!!