CNC Machines are the best! try to get bored!!

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Our Daily routine could be fun! or at least we can turn it into a fun activity, it's all in our hands!
Today was a normal day as always, but me and my friend at work, never let it be a boring day! there's always something fun to do!

We take our job seriously, but not too seriously, otherwise, we lose the fun!
For example we do stuff out of the task like these soccer logos

There are many other logos that I'll leave for another post!

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We do stuff like this box with different shapes and sizes, and it comes with a custom design, we produce based on what the client want, haven't reached the phase of producing big amounts of items and sell them yet, but we are working on it!1638464859357-01.jpeg1638464909449-01.jpeg

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For the working place, there are two CNC machines, one which I occupy and the other one is for @medch!


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These machines are for engraving/cutting wood and some lite kind of metal (aluminum)! You can get creative and do pretty cool stuff with this technology! (even if it's too advanced!1638464619243-01.jpeg1638610522952-01.jpeg
These are the basic equipment for practicing this job! Screw, Screwdriver, and a PC! and you are ready to join us and let's make some cool crafts!1638610538975-01.jpeg1638610549818-01.jpeg

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That was everything for the moment, See ya later!!

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