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I am Sumaiya Rahman. A girl from a very ordinary family. Today I would like to present to you very briefly about myself.I want to meet you again.Because I did not get to know you very well. Friends, there are many friends on this public platform with whom I have not been able to get acquainted and know them well.
Didn't have a friendly relationship with you. Because I didn't know about you. Today I am addressing all my friends and I want to get acquainted with you and become your friend. May I help you in times of danger.

I know everyone on this platform is very helpful. I really need everyone's help. I am almost new to this blog. Little did I know that there is a national platform where you can share your thoughts with your friends. I first found out about this universal platform through YouTube. At first I had something wrong.

I make mistakes unknowingly. Because I don't know much about this platform, I want to correct the mistakes. So I need your help the most. As we all know, people learn from mistakes.So I also learned from mistakes. At first I made a mistake in the hive blockchain. Everyone will consider me your friend and accept the mistakes and forgive me.

Now talk about me
I am a very ordinary girl. I love my parents more than life. The one I gave place to after my parents said my husband. He is very weak towards me and very caring towards me. I love to travel so much if it's with a loved one then there's no point. I like rainy days a lot. The biggest reason is that I like to get wet in the rain and I like the delicious and different food items on rainy days. Since I am a Bengali girl, I like to cook and eat Bengali food.

I love to keep myself busy at work all the time. In my spare time I like to listen to music, take care of animals and birds and read books. I also have a bad side, I am very angry, stubborn and bad tempered. But I help the helpless poor to the best of my ability. I like black, pink, navy-blue. So I put all my favorite things inside these few colors. The curiosity to know everything and everyone is always with me.

Friends, I will not write more details about myself. At the end of it all I can say I want to be your friend and I seek your support. I am ending with the expectation that you stay well, stay healthy, live long.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog....


Nice to meet you apu...

Thanks you so much..