Proposal: To Hive, Hive Witnesses, Hive Community; Kindly Delegate To '@surpassinggoogle' To Grow 'Communities'.

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I hope that Hive witnesses and Hive can direct some more focus towards 'communities'. Now is the time!

While there is so much focus on building codes for a flawless blockchain, we lose touch with the 'beauty' that already exists. It is already obvious even with 'blockchain technology' at large, that there is too much focus directed at 'developers/programmers'.

For instance on Hive, since the inception of the 'communities' feature, how much have we looked into exploring this beautiful simple aspect of Hive? Did you know that it is now possible for thousands of people to own entire blockchain-based applications in relation to their dreams/innovations courtesy of 'their hive-community'? (They can even get a unique domain name and direct this domain to their own community space, further decentralizing entry points to the Hive blockchain.) What will it take to propagate say '100 communities' till they have '1000 subscribers' each?

This is a very simple non-coding actionable plan that can easily stir more participation, growth and awareness to Hive but have really looked in this direction, even now that the code for communities is live? Will things like Hive DAO support simple initiatives like this?

Code is something but among other things, these simple-looking community initiatives, when mined, teach code.

A very under-utilized aspect of Hive is 'communities'. People don't need to create entire DAPPS now to contribute intensively to Hive or to the blockchain industry at large. Right here on, people can own DAPPS. 

In eventuality, when HMT is shipped, people can even distribute their tokens right on, via their communities. Many more dreams can be built now. Many more Hive 'owners' can emerge now. Many more unique Hive-born initiatives can stem forth now? Will this be the case now?

If we direct focus on 'humans', return value to humans using the beauty that blockchain provides us, perhaps that is 'development' too. Perhaps, that can translate into Hive growth too.

Let's encourage Hive-born innovations. Let's emanate as many Hive 'owners' as possible and not owners by virtue of HIVE-stake alone; 'real owners'.

Starting small, let's work on building each community; as many communities as possible. Let's collectively enable, propagate, curate, promote each community, ours and those of others, till as many as '1,000 Hive communities' have a base of '1000 subscribers' (even at face-value that is massive). Let's make more grand use of these 'small tools'; tools that Hive already has.

Courtesy of communities giant dreams can be built. Everyone can build a noble dream on Hive now. Each one can be 'owners' now. Each one can take ownership now, undeterred by 'stake-levels' now because 'humans' are involved now.

To these grown Hive-communities, people can point their unique domain-URL, one tied to their dreams; further decentralizing access to the Hive blockchain.

It is extremely easy to grow Hive now but Hive needs many more 'owners' now and by virtue of 'communities', it can now! 

We may need to look in this direction now. 

Most of the code have been done now. It is not entirely about the code now. It is is about exhausting the tools we have now; about establishing the full-blown beauty of even the 'small tools' that we have now. It is about looking in this direction too.

Many project owners aren't coders. Non-programmer project-owners can have entire DAPPs now, by virtue of communities. Many more projects can stem forth now. Many more use-cases for the Hive blockchain are explorable/revealable now. Let's divert some attention there now!


This is a generic proposal to the Hive community and Hive, seeking a Hive Power delegation to enable me grow 'communities'.

The 'communities' feature has been shipped for sometime now. It is a very beautiful facet of Hive and a feature that was expected for a very long time before it was eventually shipped.

However, since 'communties' became live, we haven't done much with it collectively.

I love 'communities'. I have a small community on discord of more 5000 users.

With this delegation, i will focus on growing as many communities as possible. My near-term focus however, will be to grow '10 communities to a base of 1000 subscribers each'.

We tend to focus too much on 'our own community' in our growth/curation efforts. I will focus on growing the collective Hive community.

My proposal is simple....

Kindly delegate a tangible sum of Hive power to '@surpassinggoogle' and i will focus on growing as many communities as possible, starting with 10.

Hive is one large community. It does more long-term good, where we have say '1000 communities boasting at least 1000 subscribers each' than having only 'a few communities with many subscribers'.

Not only do 'flourishing communities' owners start to adopt an 'ownership' mentality tangible to Hive's long-term growth, but Hive can begin to market Hive's unique 'proof of brain' model as constituting of more than 'a single trending page'.

The Approach

Premise: Focus on growing as many communities as possible. Remove the concept of 'competition' from the approach to 'growing communities'. The primary reward from this endeavor should be to emerge many more Hive 'owners', inciting the innovation of many more unique Hive-born projects/intiatives.

The potent ingredient here is 'removing barriers to entry' . Instead of 'communities' competing at the outset, lets grow 'communities' to a certain base (at least 1,000 subscribers), then they can compete.


  • Put some research into discovering the first 10 communities to grow.
  • Reach out to the administrators of these 10 communities and engage them in conversation. Discuss subjects like 'their dreams, their vision, their mentality etc'. Thereafter, discuss plans to help their community reach a base of 1000 subscribers.
  • While involving these community administrators, focus primarily on your own efforts and put in the work i.e directional curation, discord talks, giveaways etc.
  • Brainstorm dynamically and emanate initiatives/contests to incite people to join these 10 communities.
  • Do update publications and feature participants
  • Work hard behind the scenes.
  • Propagate other forms of rewards e.g pinned posts, discord talks on popular discord servers etc
  • Invite people to create communities and reward their efforts to grow it.
After succeeding in growing the first 10 communities, gather and record corresponding analytics. Then, while continuing in your efforts to 'grow communities', begin the process of marketing Hive to 'companies, entities, enterprenuers etc' as one large flourishing community made up of reputable great minds.

Some Stats

  • I started #ulog in the past, which accrued some 50,000 posts, 179,000 comments after the first 6-months of its inception. #ulog was also used by more than 5400 people in this period. (See some stats.)
  • I have done a contest on #untalented that accrued more than 1000 posts-entries. The contest was titled 'Who Are You'.
  • My @surpassinggoogle account has created more than 17,000 comments (manually)

Here are some pictorial stats:

My approach focuses on 'returning value to humans' and accomplishing this entails that spread my curation efforts across a wide span of unique authors. I also make use of a 'directional curation-style', one that takes into account other factors like 'timeliness, effort, value etc.' besides just content quality.


  • Hive's 'communities' feature on its own constitutes 'a tangible use-case', even in terms of stirring direct organic growth for the Hive ecosystem. With this value proposition alone, it is possible to appeal to companies, entities, social influencers, enterpreneurs, investors etc. However, this aspect of hive even till date, has been very under-utilized. Hive's unique 'proof of brain' model is known mostly for 'a single trending page'. Where we direct efforts towards 'growing communities', we can stir immense 'development' for Hive even now, without the need for extra 'code'.
  • The resulting analytics from this 'communities growth' endeavor when mined, can be used to enhance 'the Hive code' and marketing-efforts in the future.
  • Even at face value, Hive offers better value proposition when it can show 'many flourishing communities'.
  • This actionable plan can start now, with the minimal cost of 'a delegation'.
  • In the current scheme of events on Hive, this endeavor can be very timely, in restoring buzz, unity and 'community'.
  • Focusing on 'growing many communities' stirs unity, employing vaster participation. With a vaster participation by the Hive ecosystem, many more use-cases for Hive will be reveal, in the form of unique Hive-born initiatives/innovations. This will create tangible buzz!
  • The resulting competition among these 'now flourishing communities' will have a grander network effect. Community owners become more invested in the success of their communities and have further incentive to uphold a reputation, which is advantageous to Hive's success.
  • One very powerful facet of Hive's 'proof of brain' model is the 'trending page'. With these endeavor we can create buzz one 'many more trending pages'.
  • This simple endeavor can create tangible buzz on Hive, which is very timely in the current scheme of things.
  • Imagine Hive having say '100 communities displaying say 10,000 subscribers each'. This is a 'tangible value proposition' on its own.
  • etc.

Here are other positives:

  • It is the most simple feasible actionable plan to implement considering the current state of affairs on Hive.
  • It is timely.
  • Non-programmers can participate
  • No code or additional development cost
  • Where has a flourishing Hive community, they are better positioned to compete. As owners, they will have more need to purchase HIVE.
  • More projects/initiatives unique to Hive will be revealed.

What If You Can't Delegate?

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    Hey mate!
    Long time no speak! I hope you're all safe and well and still bringing a smile to everyones faces. This post is epic with incredible detail. I shall read through it a few more times to digest the sheer volume of information.
    We'll hopefully do some more singing in the Discord server soon.
    Stay safe.
    Darren 🙏🎼

    Gooday brother. On behalf of New Age DApps Hive Community i have delegated 1000 Hive Power.

    Wishing you the power of the people in this venture.