Borde Profundo / Deep Edge

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Borde Profundo / Deep Edge

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Borde Profundo es una obra que pinté en 2019 como un estudio sobre los planos que componen una obra desde la abstracción geométrica e intuitiva.

Es una obra que le tengo mucho cariño porque pude plasmar una cantidad enorme de emociones en ella.

Lo que destaca de esta obra, desde mi punto de vista, es que al concluirla vinieron a mi mente ideas como "interacción del color" y "repeticiones de cuadrados", por lo que realice búsquedas en el navegador y descubrí a un gran artista que bien pudo inspirar la obra, me refiero a Josef Albers quien fue profesor de la Bauhaus.

Albers realizo un trabajo exhaustivo sobre composiciones cuadradas que titulo "Homage to Square" el cual contiene más de 1,000 obras.

Espero que sea de tu agrado esta obra.


Deep Edge is a work that I painted in 2019 as a study on the planes to compose a artwork from geometric and intuitive abstraction.

It is a work that I am very fond of because I was able to capture a huge amount of emotions in it.

What stands out about this work, from my point of view, is that at the end of it ideas such as "color interaction" and "repetitions of squares" came to my mind, so I searched in the browser and discovered a great artist who It may well have inspired the work, I am referring to Josef Albers who was a professor at the Bauhaus.

Albers did an exhaustive work on square compositions that he titled "Homage to Square" which contains more than 1,000 artworks.

I hope you like this work.





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Wonderful to see your fine art work. I am impressed by the brush stroke and powerful color combination. It reminds me of the early 20th century works of Picasso and his contemporaries, yet uniquely your own style.

Thank you friend, you are very kind, this style was born from freely experimenting with intuition, abstraction and devouring works by great avant-garde and contemporary artists, I have planned a few more posts to present other works, I would love you not to miss them 😀

Very good, keep us informed and I will keep an eye out for more of your works.

Thanks bro 🙏

Really love this. I have always been a fan of abstracts and am also a fan of clean geometric lines. The close ups give the impression that the piece is a lot larger than it is. I would imagine that doing something like this on a really large scale would make an incredible feature piece.

Really lovely work.


Hey @jaynie thank you very much for your kind comment, I confess that I am also a lover of abstract art. I would love to fulfill the dream of painting giant canvases to give freedom to my intuition, it would be a challenge, but without a doubt it would be great. I have planned a few more posts to present other works, I would love you not to miss them 😀 It will be a lot of abstract art, I swear 🤚

I am definitely looking forward to that!!!

It is an honor, you are officially the first person to say this, I really appreciate it😊

...just being honest 🙂