Hive blog text dividers to decorate your posts ( Free to use )

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We all like to make our blog look attractive. Here are some dividers free to use which will help to spice up your blog. just download the png images from the drive link provided below and use it.

hive dividers-02.png

hive dividers-03.png

hive dividers-04.png

hive dividers-05.png

hive dividers-10.png

hive dividers-11.png

hive dividers-12.png





hive dividers-14.png

hive dividers-15.png

hive dividers-16.png

Hers the sample of how will it look on your blogs


Download all in HQ

I hope these are useful to some! Have a great day! Keep supporting



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Thanks for sharing these!

Not sure if it was intentional, these 2 are not symmetrical. The right side spacing is wider than the left side.


Updated thanks .. just attached wrong file

NICE!!! Thank you again for another beautiful resource for our blogs!

Thanks Man ! appreciate your tip :)

You definitely deserve a whole lot more than I can give. But I will again when I can.

Bro, this is lovely, thanks for sharing. I wish I could learn what you do. Any advice on that?,

Another favor, can you do a graphics of hive having a written motto; REWARD FOR PASSION.

I choose that motto because I believe that's the whole idea of what hive is.

What do you think bro?

Thanks for sharing another awesome asset buddy. I'd certainly be finding a good use for this.

Thank you very much. These are super cool

Cheers mate, these look fantastic! I wonder if Hive/Peakd would consider natively to allow users to change, and embed ones like these as the dividers, instead of having to upload an image every time. It would save on loading times for posts, I imagine. So, instead of always using these basic ones...

You can have the chance to use ones like yours using the same *** markdown command, instead! I love these two in particular... :-D



That would be great , will definately talk about this to add dividers option in text editor

Cheers! I'm glad you think so, too! It seems trivial, but having more options to embed it directly would be rather neat, especially with so many great dividers (like yours! ) being made available :-D

If you create templates using these dividers, they will share the same image link and you won't have to upload them every time.

Thank you very much, I will upload them and sometimes use them on my posts.
Have a nice end of sunday 😊