Your blog looks boring ? Here's 30+ animated Hive banners to make your blog look awesome

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Hive flag animation is my new addition to my collection of hive animated banners.

hive flag.gif

Adding graphics to your blog is a great way to make it look good. I have been designing banners, animated gifs free to use for the users. I 'll continue to make more graphics for hive users to use in their blogs. Also thanks to @joshman @quirk-it @leoumesh @hivewatchers and others who are using these assets.

Here are some other animated hive banners. Feel free to use

hive  (1).gif

hive  (2).gif

hive  (3).gif

hive  (4).gif

hive  (5).gif

hive  (6).gif

hive  (7).gif

hive  (8).gif

hive  (14).gif

hive  (15).gif

hive  (16).gif

hive  (17).gif

hive  (18).gif

hive  (19).gif

hive  (20).gif

hive  (21).gif

hive  (22).gif

hive  (23).gif

hive  (24).gif

hive  (25).gif

hive 06.gif

hivve 05.gif

hive 03.gif



hive  (10).gif

hive  (11).gif

hive  (12).gif

hive  (13).gif

hive  (9).gif

This gif can be used for hive marketing by anyone no copyright infringement will be claimed.

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All are awesome I must admit 👌🏽
Great job!

Truely amazing animation ...

Great work as always! Some very cool looking animations there! Makes it difficult to choose! Haha :) Thanks for creating them for us to use! ✌️

These looks cool. Will get some to beautify my blog

Thankyou , Hope it helps :)

God you make some of the coolest stuff!

Thankyou feel free to use !

I just did on PeakD. Only thing is it only runs once. How do I make to loop?

i dont know it should work

This is lovely. Weldone and kudos to you

Thanks a lot, very cool, I just found you!

! F O L L O W E D ! Big Times !

I'll tip this with 5Hive as well, <3 it

Thankyou so much
i really appreciate

Oh my ghad! Thank you for this. I will bookmark this post. Salamat po ng marami! 😊😊😊

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These are great. Thanks for making them for people.

Thankyou so much man cheers

Absolutely fantastic, mate... Bloody well done! I love the third one, with the rocket launching off. But even still, I'd be hard-pressed to choose from just one of these. Cheers :-D

Thanks mate
Use any of them :)

I will use some of them in my blog. (will give credits as well :D)
upvoted and followed you also!

These are really amazing. Every one of those looks really epic.

You're too kind thanks for your work.

Thanks a million.

This is really great thanks for making it for us to see keep it up

maravilloso trabajo, me encanto amigo.

I've saved some of the gifs thanks

Están increíbles. De verdad te felicito. Gracias por compartirlo con todos nosotros.

Woaaaa!!! AMAZING,I love it.