The Tomagotchi / DID YOU HAVE ONE ?

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The Tomagotchi / DID YOU HAVE ONE ?

The Tomagotchi If you were a kid in the late nineties and didn’t have a Tamagotchi, then it’s safe to say that you really missed out. These miniature digital pets were completely addictive and were the first thing on my mind as I rushed through the door from school.

Keeping your little, black and white, pixelated character alive seemed like a matter of life or death. In a way, I suppose it was for the digital dude or inside.
You would think that with the introduction of smartphones that Tamagotchi’s would be redundant. But you can still buy one of these tiny eggs today, and they don’t look like they’ve strayed too far from the original 90s design!

This is a link to a video of the origanal advert


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