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There are countless stories that we can hear today about Bitcoin,

in some cases they tell anecdotes of how they acquired unexpected wealth.

Source: Youtube

In my case, after studying several offers I decided on one (apparently harmless), I tried a Telegram bot that promises to generate a fraction of bitcoin per second and all I had to do was keep it active once at least every 24 hours . Subsequently, in order to collect, he had to meet 2 basic requirements:
  1. Invite 10 people
  2. Have a minimum balance of 0.05BTC.

To my surprise when trying to make my first withdrawal, after fulfilling the aforementioned requirements, a notice appears that I must wait 30 business days for the withdrawal to take effect unless I change plans by depositing a certain amount of bitcoin.

In conclusion the money never reached me.

[Screenshoot by:@tomas.enrique]