Experiences build up with pains.

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I looked back today and I am happy for all the experiences I have gathered in the soft and hard way since the genesis of my tech and blockchain journey. I remember when I started over 6 years ago with TBC, known as the Billion coin. It is a Philippines-based centralized token that hid under the shadows of decentralization. I invested a lot in it until they started behaving the centralized way that they are. They asked people to use $10 in BTC to activate every wallet. That is when I left the shit system.

Hive blockchain is one of the major sources of knowledge for me. Being part of Utopian, working with Knowledges on RealityHubs, building my project Typeearn here helps to learn how values are generated and how to build apps and companies. The failures of all these systems help me grow.

Many people on this blockchain liked the Dapp and Typeearn, but we could not create a sustainable token economy. People were just mining and selling. That shows the token will eventually die. All these have been a good add up to my knowledge base. I had a chat with forykw months ago and I shared an idea with him about the project I would like to build. His reply was- “It seems you have been taking more time in tokenomics.” Well, learning is a must in this sphere if you want to succeed in the end.

I have tried so many things just to create value, and I will never stop. I love to create solutions and I will bring something new. Meshboc company is collaborating with some developers around to world to create a Music NFT system that will drive musical artists to web 3/ Metaverse. When musical artists start promoting blockchain, more people will adopt it.

One of the ideas is to make them promote blockchain without them thinking they are actually promoting it. This is what I am working on and this time, it is success or success. We put many factors into consideration and we are driving toward launching a version in a few months. We are rolling out UI development already and smart contracts are done.

All the failures you encounter are steps to build up.


You are a great guy! It's cool when people are smart
I wish you success and prosperity!
Best wishes from Ukraine! 💙💛

every failed project, it just an idea that lighten up a new project.