We need a Writer and Graphics artist on TypeEarn.

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Hey people, I miss my regular writing, and I am sure some people also do. But this is the time to conclude and launch the TypeEarn project, so all my attention is on it. TypeEarn was more of just a typing app on the Steem blockchain back then, but we are improving it and making it far better with more uses, and cool functionality that provide greater value for the people.

Just a tip from the iceberg, there will be features to publish videos and contents, and we are providing a solution that some projects and blockchains could not provide to publishers, at same time providing our regular services for schools. Detailed information will be share later.

In this quest, we need some like-minded to join the TypeEarn team so we can work together. Without writing much, these are roles.


A Writer.
We need a clear and pro writer. We will discuss tasks and methods of payments via discord.

Graphics artist.
We had a pro graphic guy, but he has been offline for many months. I hope he is fine, but we need to continue and get another person. Reach out to me in discord and we can discuss.

There will be more roles in a couple of days. It is time to build.

Join the TypeEarn discord and send a direct message to me. tykee[mickee]#8770

I am Mikes (@tykee). I am an engineer who loves to write, code, and create. I so much believe in constant learning in every aspect of life and this is one reason I love creating contents about code, tech, life, entertainment, and create educational apps and community. I strive to get better every day. This is not my best; my best is yet to come, and every day is a chance to grow better.