Is everyone changing their Steem tokens to Hive tokens? It certainly feels like that!

in GEMS7 days ago

It is soon one week since the big fork happened. Back then, both the currencies started at a price of 3000 Satoshi. Well, since then things have changed, and I believed @blocktrades is to blame for this (in a positive way). So, what has happened? Check this post to see how Blocktrades decided to make people able to turn their Steem tokens into Hive tokens in an easy way:


The Steem price quickly dropped and has been between 2400-2600 Sats mostly since the fork. The Hive price has increased, and especially since Blocktrades made it possible to directly change your Steem tokens to Hive tokens. I have a feeling this has greatly increased the demand for Hive tokens, which again has led to an increase in the price. Currently, Hive tokens are trading at 4400 Satoshi price on Bittrex, while the Steem price is 2600 Satoshi. Now, that is a major difference when it comes to price.

To be honest, I am really happy about both of those prices. A few weeks ago, the price of Steem was below 2000 Satoshi. Now, the Hive tokens are worth more than twice that price, and even the Steem token is worth 25% more. That gives us a good reason to rejoice. And, if you decide to change your Steem tokens to Hive tokens, in order to solely post and be active at the Hive chain, then that is of course awesome!

No matter what, I feel like a winner!