An open letter to the Hive community: Together we are stronger.

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Hi, folks! How are you?

Anyone who follows my page on this platform knows that one of the main types of content that I like to write (and post) is about Cinema (and other subjects related to the topic). Since I started my journey within the blockchain world (in November 2017), I have been striving to continue writing (and encouraging and helping other users to do the same) about this type of content and yet, my recognition it is still very discreet / small so that I can create projects to help (in a massive way) those who also like to write and post about this type of content.

However, even though I don't have as much voting power or big financial rewards to offer, I always try to create ways to promote interaction between / among members and thus help them to promote engagement (more broadly) within the platform. In this way, I think I'm helping (a little bit) this ecosystem to grow in a stronger way and putting the contents about Cinema in the spotlight (which is the main focus, considering that I see so many great posts not getting the attention and financial rewards they deserve).

I repeat that what I do is still very small compared to what other users (and projects) better known and with voting power much heavier than mine can do and that is why I am writing and publishing this open letter for the Hive community. This is a sincere request for help from a member who is totally hallucinated by Cinema and who would like to see this segment grow here in a stronger, more important and more loyal way. This is a request to encourage the Seveth Art community to go further.

Among the users who already help frequently, I can mention @eeks and @namiks. I know that there are also others (who help their own way), but I don't have a closer contact with them and that is why I think this open letter is so important, because it is a request to help the collective and strengthen the community. Any kind of help is more than welcome, but the main idea (at least so far) is to create a specific trail to be able to give upvotes on Cinema content that deserve greater attention and reward.

The trail was an idea of ​​the @serialfiller member and I think it's a great way to start helping other members in a more constant way, encouraging them not only to continue writing, but also to promote interaction and collective engagement. However, I hope that other ideas can emerge to add value to everything that can help the Cinema community to grow even stronger. So, nothing more useful than writing this open letter and asking for the help of anyone who wants and is willing to help.

I will tag some people / projects that may be interested in helping this initiative:

@theycallmedan, @appreciator, @blocktrades, @upmewhale, @rocky1, @acidyo, @bluemist, @travelgirl, @dangeredvisions, @anomadsoul, @therising, @cervantes, @project.hope, @darthknight, @jphamer1, @themarkymark, @soyrosa, @kevinwong, @galenkp, @abh12345, @therealwofl, @curie, @bdcommunity, @sidwrites, @gooddream, @tarazkp, @ocd, @ocdb and @isaria.

This is the community about Movies & TV Shows. Feel free to join us! ;)

Well, that's it folks! Anyone interested in helping by offering some voting power for the trail, please... Please, talk to @serifalfiller on Discord (or in the comments on this post). This is very important and will be of great help to all of us.

Thanks in advance.


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Hello @wiseagent

Thanks, I loved the idea of ​​the movies, it is great to interact, I hope more people continue to join.