Light is at your feet / 灯りは足もとにあり (ENG/JPN)

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This is my original artwork.
"Light is at your feet"
Mixed Media,31.8x41cm,2020

This piece was submitted to the LAS LAGUNA GALLERY online exhibition "A Light in the Darkness". In an exhibition related to COVID -19, I drew works in sympathy with the idea of "we still have faith in the human spirit and we know how art can help people heal. It is because of this that we have decided to do our first Online Exhibition". I wish I could light your heart.


これはLAS LAGUNA GALLERY のオンライン展覧会 "A Light in the Darkness" に出品した作品です。COVID-19に関連する展覧会で「私たちは今でも人間の精神を信じており、芸術が人々の癒しに役立つことを知っています。そのため、私たちは最初のオンライン展覧会を行うことにしました」という趣旨に共鳴して作品を描きました。あなたの心に、灯りをともすことができればと思って。


Very interesting!
Now I see the cat's face :-)))
It is on the left side, almost in the middle, over brown.
Do you see? :-)))

I like cat. :)