#Lifethoughts-Intro of nature || Solace and shelter in the nest of nature.

Nature gives us all the sensations that are in our heart and soul. There is space and love for everyone in the nest of nature. Nature never leaves us alone.
Whether it is a rain of happiness or an evening of sorrow, nature brings us happiness and comfort every moment.
But sometimes it happens when we peek out of the nest of nature. So for a while we get lost somewhere else. Life is the name of a sorcerer who is bathing us in sorcery and fragrance every moment.
When we are sad with life. At some point, life is sad and the soul is desperate. So we find solace and shelter in the lap of nature. Our sadness, the loneliness that sometimes appears, then nature separates us.
Thus nature is the sorcerer who binds every sorrow and pain in his arms.

In this way, nature turns our grief into its own grief and in return gives us comfort and peace.
Once upon a time, birds were engaged in the beauty of nature. They were chirping in a very sarcastic voice. And a bird's eye fell on a dry tree.
The birds talked to each other and asked how the tree had dried up. An old bird. We come here every day. And in the embrace of nature we leave all our sorrows and sufferings and in return we take happiness and smiles from nature. It is our grief that caused this tree to wither. Such a friend is an invaluable gift of God. Which we should be thankful for every moment.


But have we ever asked nature sitting in its courtyard? What is the existence of nature? What is the lap of nature. How do we feel that we have entered the courtyard of nature and then its lap?


Nature is giving us the answers to all these questions ... but we don't pay attention. Friendly nature is the feeling inside us that is always present in one form or another. And this feeling can be in any being, idea and image.
Nature is part of our soul. Everything that goes through the stages of sorrow and happiness. There is a lap of nature in some corner of his soul and heart. But we need to know how to stretch this lap so that we can sleep with our head in it.


When we go for a walk in a beautiful garden, the beauty of the garden attracts us. We step towards the flowers. Flowers of every color, with their beauty and fragrance, dance in the heart of every viewer.
Flowers are also a part of nature. And so are we. When the power within us sees the beautiful flowers. So he gets new life. Just as breathing is necessary for survival, so is purity, love, affection, compassion and beauty necessary for the peace of heart and soul.
Thus our senses are all part of nature.
Our eyes also shed tears and sometimes these tears are full of pain. And sometimes there are tears of joy and success. Thus tears are the same. But at the moment the feelings are different.


Thus this priesthood is full of all emotions. Trees, lizards, birds, insects, butterflies, flowers, colors, cold and hot air, mountains, rivers, waterfalls, streams, morning and evening darkness and moonlight twinkling stars, raindrops, dew drops and human Mutual love, human sorrow and joy, human laughter and crying, human tears flowing and the boat floating in the river, our heart and much more, all have their own feelings and beauty. And all these things together bring nature into being.


All these things that I have mentioned above are all part of the existence of nature. If even one thing comes out, the system of nature will be disrupted.
What happens if you remove a flower bed from a beautiful garden? What if we remove a tree from the garden? What would happen if human beings lost contact with the garden? The beauty of nature will fade. This is the only thing when we see all these beings together in one place. Then the beauty of nature is seen and the nature of which we are a part is present. It shakes us from sorrows. Puts Because nature would be strengthening its own existence.


If you look at the pictures in my post, you will see nature dancing. Because when the sun's rays fall on all things, the morning falls. All creatures wake up. And so the birds sing in a sarcastic voice. Sometimes they fly here and there.
The flower buds bloom and the flowers take shape. So everything comes to life.
This is the power. This is the power and the power that exists inside us then finds peace of mind.
That is nature. And to be immersed in these colors of nature and to find oneself is life.


This is my entry for #BeautifulSunday organized by @ace108 and for #SublimeSunday by @c0ff33a.

My activity of beautifulsunday and sublimeSunday is dedicated to @truelovemom, she taught me and i learnt great concept of nature and how we can find it in soul to heart. I also learnt from her that how should be patient in feeling love with nature . so thank great hivian @truelovemom #hive




Loving nature is like loving yourself, you will never want to damage everything natural that it represents, and you are a living representation of it, on many occasions uneasiness, uncertainty, doubts invade us and we run into the arms of nature, then she shelters us, encourages us.

@truelovemom You are right, we are all representatives of nature, no matter what. And every living thing is a part of nature. Doubt cannot shape the structure of nature, nor can it enjoy life. Because in nature we would be selfless. There would be moments of pain and sorrow whose alternative nature would give us happiness.good morning to you dear friend.. your every words is worthy

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