Positive Thoughts - Hive vs Facebook || I'm Alive Challenge #65

  • my experience and my positive thoughts about hive special video for urdu native Positive Thoughts - Hive vs Facebook


  • It is my 65 contribution ,@flaxz initiative for #IAmAliveChallenge through @threespeak #3speak. today i am going to differentiate between hive and facebook, i am trying to promote hive in pakistan so it is my special video message to my pakistani urdu speaker, i tried to to explain how hive is best than facebook my today topic is Positive Thoughts Hive vs Facebook

Dear Friends!

every one want to get success and want healthy life style. so this time internet is best opportunity for all over the world people to make lifestyle change , they can get every success on internet what they have dream in life. but question is that how we can bring, and introduce best place with people, so i know, it is my experience that there are million people in my area, who use Facebook, and just wasting their time on Facebook, but i do not want to more that my area people waste time on Facebook, so i want to bring them to hive, hive is best place, if any person has no experience then he can get handsome lifestyle here on hive. how hive is different than face i tried my best to explain in this video, so my this video target are my Pakistani community , so i think it is my responsibility to guide the my community to best way, because hive is for every one. here is opportunity for every person, family can change life style so hive is here to change the lifestyle of every person, so i have this great experience here so hope you all will appreciate my this effort .

  • for joining hive, do not need a lot of experience in any field

  • yeah hive is for every one, for every community so hive is for all.

  • hive is name of quality community, where we can share our positive, nice, thoughts and life, daily experience in good way .

  • hive has copperative community

  • hive is giving opportunity to every to change life, with beautiful text

  • every success start from first step , so i believe that hive will be your first step after joining to lead successful life

  • there is no place for those people who stole work of other

  • always give source link if you are trying to post any other people content,

  • share life experience, thoughts with best community of the world, its name is hive.

hope you all will enjoy it and i am every time available to help you , support in this regards, so if any Pakistani friend want to take guide any in this regards, he/she can leave message under my post, i will guide , thank you very much, come join hive, and make first step to dream life.



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