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We, the "Charity on Hive" group, want to ease a process for making donations to the chary community.
We are searching for a bot developer.


The Current Situation

When a person wants to gift money to the chary community, this person has to do the following:

  • convert local currency into HIVE
  • Go to the
  • Buy HIVEP with the amount of HIVE, that shall be donated.
  • Change to the CHARY/HIVEP market.
  • Find a good price for CHARY.
  • Sell HIVEP and buy CHARY.
  • Send the CHARY to @anobel (or burn or stake it).

The @anobel account is the account of the scotbot too.
It distributs the CHARY token to people, that got upvoted for their posts about charity. So the community decides, who shall get the donated money.
For details see

Our Problem:

This process is complicate and needs effort and knowledge of the executor. The donator should have as less effort as possible.


The possible solution

All these step should be automated. We can divide it into two major steps:

  1. Automate the transfer of the local currency into HIVE
  2. Automate the transfer of HIVE into CHARY
    Here in this post we talk about the second step. If you have any ideas for the first step, you are welcome!

Automate the transfer of HIVE into CHARY

I see the following way:

  • A bot with the name "Charybuyer" is created
  • This bot runs with the "@anobel" account.
  • The Charybuyer bot searches every 5 Minutes (configurable) if there has been HIVE send to @anobel
  • If there was HIVE sent, then the bot goes to the hiveengine marketplace and buys HIVEP in the same amount of HIVE, that it got.
  • After that, for all HIVEP the bot buys CHARY with a price, that has been configured before by an Admin (like @achimmertens, or some more, that should be named).
    • I.e. 100 HIVEP are sold with a price of 0.06 HIVE/CHARY. So the bot gets 6000 CHARY.
  • Then the bot looks at what amount of CHARY has been bought and copies this log-part.
  • This "account statement" then is sent to the donator as a receipt.

(Example from

So for a donator it looks like this:

Please apply for this task

If you think you can develop this "Charybuyer"-bot, please answer to this post. Write in the amount of Hive you want to get for it.
If your salary is effordable, we can pay you directly. If it is too much for our budget, we need to do some crowdfunding first.

@Felixxx, @holger80, @eonwarped, ... is this something for you?

Regards, Achim


I didn’t realize this was 7 months old

🤖 I’ll spread the word

Another very good coder (I'm not sure how good he is with bots) is for sure @gerber!
@saboin programmed a bot for steembasicincome.
Just two persons who I directly thought about :)


The major setback that Hive is having is the lack of developers for the second layer. This is the future of Hive and more growth would come from this end.

This idea is like a SMART trading interface that is similar to that of I hope we find a developer interested on this project. This would be good as it makes the donator save his time while trying to donate to a charity project. meanwhile, did you apply for a Hive Proposal to get funding for the dapp development?

good job

I do not support charity on Hive; If you feel charitable, just power up and vote.