Give to Win with @combination - Results of Week 132 - Week 133 open!

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We have just closed week 132 of the Weekly Give to Win draw with @combination. And all of the prizes and donations have been sent to the winning accounts. Therefore, Week 133 is now open.

A big thank you to all those who participated, helped and donated!

Congratulations to the Winners of the draw!

18 HBD was collected

1st place prize: @elianaicgomes ~ 35% (6.3 HBD)

2nd place prize: @alessandrawhite ~ 15% (2.7 HBD)

@papilloncharity ~ 50% (9 HBD)

"The more numbers you have, the better your chances of winning"

Didn't you win? don't worry:

We care for all our supporters (who are always in our hearts) so we have shared some "extra" HBD (currently 0.9 HBD) with the non-winners of our weekly draw. We pray for @combination to grow as the extra HBD will also grow into a bigger share for the non-winners.


Consolation prizes winners:
@fionasfavourites, @littlebee4, @faeriestories, @shadowspub, @justclickindiva, @preparedwombat, @vikthor, @Joanstewart, @mamaemigrante
Thanks for participating!

We shared 55% out of 18 HBD received for the draw.

We also received 22 HIVE and 9.5 HBD in donations


@johannpiber2 HBD
@justclickindiva2.5 HBD
@vikthor20 HIVE
@elianaicgomes5 HBD
@joanstewart2 HIVE

Thank you kindly, these will all be sent to @papilloncharity


The details

Comment link:
Transaction link:


Enter transaction hash: "8aaa37787d036a2c219b54eb4e8e2743dac1f64b"
Enter number of draws: 2
Enter number of participants: 18

The draw is from 1 to 18
Input 1 : 8aaa37787d036a2c219b54eb4e8e2743dac1f64b,0
SHA256 Hash 1 : 1256a4eef25553221a60e8d6bb7741f49981816f46eb4d1b9db7899eecd7ffa4
Lucky Number # 1 is: 13
Input 2 : 8aaa37787d036a2c219b54eb4e8e2743dac1f64b,1
SHA256 Hash 2 : 8eb06b636c5c24f2af1924d707e8a2c61c08649793ab8c47a3cf25728b5bc49d
Lucky Number # 2 is: 10
End of draw

Here are the numbers assigned based on when the HBD was received.



The draw is always based on verifiable randomness:


  • As transfers come to our wallet we try and keep track of them at a shared worksheet that you can visit Here.
  • Don't hesitate reporting us any errors that you may spot.
  • This week we delivered 1 new badges, the new supporter is: @mamaemigrante, thank you so much and welcome!
  • We also have a new VIP member, @vikthor, who made it to 5 stars. We send you big thanks since it means you've become a great supporter of our project 🤗
  • You can see all the badges delivered and the number of stars assigned on the table below


Badge Star Description

Each badge has 5 stars below it that will indicate the levels of participation.
The total value of each star is 10 points.
1 point for each HBD and 1 point for each HIVE donation.
Get your badge now!


Week 133 is now open, so any HBD sent from now will secure your place in the next draw.


How to participate:

  • Send at least 1 HBD to @combination with the memo "Combination Weekly Give to Win"
  • HIVE or transfers with decimals will be considered as donations to the nominated charity.

Cómo participar:

  • Envía al menos 1 HBD a la cuenta @combination con el memo "Combination Weekly Give to Win"
  • Las transferencias recibidas en HIVE (token) y los decimales serán considerados "donaciones" y por tanto no entrarán en sorteo.


Transparency is important All donations and 50% of $ HBD collected in the giveaway will be sent to @papilloncharity, a trusted, registered and verified charity on Hive. See the Introductory Post for more information about this initiative.

Subscribe to @combination so you don't miss a draw

Disclaimer: The purpose of this initiative is to encourage donations to registered charities. The draw is decided by verifiable random number generation (RNG). Please see the Detailed Terms and Conditions for more about how it works. Participation is optional.

Once again, thank you to all of those who participated and good luck in the next draw.

Delegate Hive Power to @combination using HiveSigner:

50HP     100HP     500HP     1000HP     5000HP

~ Please comment below if you have any questions or concerns ~


Congrats to the winners!! :)

Thank you @faeriestories !

Wish you have a new week full of wonderful stories 🤗

Thanks for weekly update, and consolation prize.

Thanks to you always Joan.

Let's go for the next one, best wishes for yours 🤗

Slow but sure gets us there !LUV

Thank you very much for mentioning me and for your support and appreciation! It means a lot to me and you can be certain of my continued support next week on Monday and for as much as possible in the future as well! All the best, much respect, plenty of success here on HIVE and beyond as well as many blessings! 🙂

P.S.: Thank you for your consolation prize! It will be converted for HIVE, powered up, and sent to you as part of another donation in the near future! All the best once more!

Thanks to you always @vikthor, your support is highly appreciated. Please don't feel forced in any sense, you also have to develop your account and grow.

Best wishes for your new week 🤗

Thank you for your response! No, not at all, I do not feel forced or constrained in any sense, on the contrary. My main reasons and activity purposes here on HIVE is to help charitable causes, as in real life! All the best and many blessings once again! Much respect and keep up the good work! 🙂

Yay! 🤗
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Thanks so much @johannpiber & @ecency 🤗

You're most welcome 😊


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Congratulations @elianaicgomes and @alessandrawhite 🥳🎉

Thank you kindly for the consolation prize 😊

Up to the next week! Let’s make it awesome 😎

Thanks to you always, little bee 😊, we are so grateful and happy to have you always around...

Best wishes for your new week 🤗

You are so welcome, happy to bee 🐝 around 😉
Thanks a lot, enjoy your new week too 👋🏻😊

Giving to win is a great thing
Also, givers never lack

~ WEEKLY DRAW CLOSED ~ 24.5 HBD (17 for the draw, 7.5 as donation) and 25 HIVE collected ~

The transaction for this comment will be used for the RNG. The results will be out soon. Any additional HBD sent now will be added to the next draw.

Thank you all for participating and for donating.