a golos (a steem fork) witness named @avral created an eos/telos/wax DEX called Alcor.exchange and my EOS SAND is listed here. You can list any EOS token for a few bucks in EOS, and or open a FREE swap pool! Also there's FREE MAINNET NFT minting & listing

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Here is an example of the beauty, elegance and simplicity of the https://alcor.exchange DEX created by our very own @avral a golos witness who has proven himself to be able to create the one DEX used by MANY tokens on EOS otherwise stuck without a self listing option for their projects and who are sick of waiting for newdex and their shityty demands for huge airdrops just to list so they can just delist later after you dont meet requirements for volume lol

But its ok because when SAND and @weedcash listed and had to give up a lot of tokens to airdrop, it only helped us as THEY paid for the ram to do that airdrop which would have costed us a LOT more, AND we got a lot of free advertising that way! But many projects cant deal with newdex and the wait and so with ALCOR anyone can list any eos token to trade against ANY other eos token for just 10 EOS i believe is still the fee and thats like $11 :) very cheap to list a mainnet eos token on a dex thats just like newdex but better with more features, just less liquidity. Sometimes however alcor will surprise you and when a token like EFX creates the NFX token, and users want to trade it to sell, their only option was alcor and the same with wax based tokens like TLM for @alienworlds .... they ended up HAVING to use alcor for wax dex just like many tokens MUST use alcor for trading on eos and telos as theer is no other option!




I am proud to say I actually have helped with the development and testing of @alcorexchange by @avrala golos witness ( https://golos.id is a fork of golos.io which is a russian fork of Steem fork, it was airdropped to steem wallet holders back in 2016/2017/2018 period and went to I believe $0.60 with the help of @fyrstikken )





Anyway This amazing talent from @avral has helped create his ALCOR dex https://eos.alcor.exchange is the EOS version where we see pegs of hive engine tokens like @sandiegocoin and @weedcash listed and with their own swap pools like defibox.

You can even sell EOS/telos/wax based NFTs heer with no fees at all except maybe for buying them a small fee can go back to the market, but unlike eth with its gas fees to buy NFTs or NFTshowroom heer on hive, it costs $0 to start minting and listing nfts for sale AND Its free to select your OWN eos/telos/wax token to actually sell the NFTs in so you have to buy a token to buy the nfts if you want to set it up that way!

There is also an OTC marke4t, something hive-engine should have had for a while now!

Look how beautoful the alcor front page is,


and their bridge page where you can convert eos telos and wax and UTX


Anyway heer is the familiar @weedcash token on EOS alcor dex as well

@avral even had little WITHDRAW buttons added at one point which he can bring back, that automatically formatted your withdraw of tokens from SAND or WEEDCASH or KANDA back to hive engine from eos and telos!



NFT market page is also really cool and has simpleassets for wax eos and telos but for now its just working with wax, my eos and telos nfts on alcor need to be fixed somehow but oh well, they didnt cost anything to mint!


The OTC market allows you to just sell any token in your wallet for any other token so i can do a potential trade for 5 WEED(eos) for 5 EOS ! I could also sell WEED for PETH or PBTC so peopel can deposit BTC on https://dapp.ptokens.io as PBTC on eos and buy weedcas with it!


see? Looks like people have already been using alco9r OTC market to trade weedcash on eos with eos main net in OTC trades ! This can be used liek a localbitcoin type dealio! Mix in cashapp and we could have people avoiding btc trading and withdraw fees to d cashapp USD directly for one of these eos tokens like weedcash or san


If we just had a PHIVE for eos and telos it would make our lives so much easier but untill then i can just convert hive to eos or btc to trade Tswaps EOS (ontelos) and PBTC (on telos) for Telos on tswaps.com !

SAD can be listed again on Tswaps under its telos incarnation

but im fine with teh FREE swap pool for telos on https://telos.alcor.exchange and the telos dex listing for sand against TLOS and PBTC !

Weedcash has big potential to get popular if we can JUST peg the EOS weedcash token to ethereum and then BSC of course to avoid swap fees, and then peopel will finally start buying weedcash knowing they can earn more BSC weed tokens by POSTING on the hive blog system.

and of course SAND needs this too and weedcash is the place we experiment first on hive engine tokens!

When its all figured out with https://provable.xyz we canhavethe ethereum peg set up for hive engien to ethereum bridge!!!



-----------------------------------BEGIN INSTRUCTIONS FOR PROVABLETHINGS----------------------------------------

This tool enables any non-public blockchain instance to interact with the Oraclize service.

Please note that at this point this tool is still experimental and subject to change without notice.

node version >= 5.0.0 (& npm)
(on Ubuntu)

run sudo apt-get install build-essential -y

You should run the following commands from within the ethereum-bridge folder.

via git

git clone https://github.com/oraclize/ethereum-bridge.git
cd ethereum-bridge
npm install
via npm

npm install -g ethereum-bridge
How to use
You have 2 options:

active mode (deploy and query contracts using one account on your main node) [DEFAULT]
broadcast mode (deploy and query contracts using a local account (the node will be used only to broadcast the txs))
After you have correctly deployed the address resolver and the connector on your blockchain you can load the previous instance using the --oar flag (with the latest oar address generated) or using --instance latest

if you are not using the deterministic OAR you also need to update your contract constructor with the new address resolver generated

see also optional flags

Active mode
ethereum-bridge -H localhost:8545 -a 1
(deploy contracts using the account 1 found on the localhost:8545 node)

Broadcast mode
Generate a new local address:

ethereum-bridge -H localhost:8545 --broadcast --new
(generate a new address locally and deploy contracts (txs broadcasted to localhost:8545 node))

or if you already have one or more account in your keys.json file:

ethereum-bridge -H localhost:8545 --broadcast -a 0
(load the first account in your keys.json file (index n.0) and deploy contracts (txs broadcasted to localhost:8545 node))

Add a custom address resolver
Add OAR = OraclizeAddrResolverI(EnterYourOarCustomAddress); to your contract constructor, example:

Where EnterYourOarCustomAddress is the address resolver generated when you have run the script

contract test() {

function test() {
  // this is the constructor
  OAR = OraclizeAddrResolverI(0xf0f20d1a90c618163d762f9f09baa003a60adeff);


Note: The address chosen will be used to deploy all the Oraclize contracts, make sure to not deploy contracts that use Oraclize on the same address.

How to update the bridge
If a new version is detected you can run npm run update to automatically donwload and install the latest version from github.

Optional flags
--broadcast --new : generate a new local address (private key automatically saved in ./config/instance/keys.json), and deploy contracts using the new address
--broadcast : enable offline tx signing (your node will be used to broadcast the raw transaction) the broadcast mode will load your local keys.json file
-a : change the default account used to deploy and call the transactions (account index and hex address are allowed) i.e:
-a 0 : use account 0 on localhost:8545
-a 0x123456 --broadcast : load and use account 0x123456 (public-key) in your keys.json file (broadcast mode)
-a 0 --broadcast : use account at index n. 0 in your keys.json file (broadcast mode)
--instance : load a previous configuration file (filename) you can also use 'latest' to load the latest confiuration file, i.e. --instance oracle_instance_1483441110.json or --instance latest
--from --to : load and process logs starting --from (fromBlock) and --to (toBlock) ('latest' is not allowed) i.e. --from 27384 --to 27387
--oar : to specify the OAR address already deployed i.e. --oar 0xEnterYourOarCustomAddress
-H : change the default node (localhost:8545)
-p : change the default PORT (8545) on localhost
--url : change the default node with an url (http://localhost:8545)
--key : change the default key path (./config/instance/keys.json) i.e. --key /home/user/keys.json
--gas : change the default gas limit (3000000) used to deploy contracts
--resume : resume all skipped queries
--skip : skip all pending queries
--dev : skip contract myid check and pending queries (useful for local testing)
--disable-deterministic-oar : Deploy the address resolver (OAR) with your main account (note: you need to update your contract with the new generated address)
--price-usd : set the USD base price
--price-update-interval : set the baseprice update interval time (in seconds), ETH price will be fetched from the Oraclize HTTP API
--random-ds-update-interval : set the random ds hash list update interval time (in seconds)
--disable-price : skip datasource pricing and base price connector update (only on new instances)
--disable-reorg : disable re-org block listen
--update-ds : update datasource pricing only (pricing (if found) will be loaded from your local instance file, otherwise will be fetched from the remote oraclize API)
--loglevel : change the default log level (available: 'error', 'warn', 'info', 'verbose', 'debug', 'stats') default: 'info'
--non-interactive : disable the interactive mode
--no-hints : disable logs hints
--gasprice : set custom gas price