A Novel Way to buy Hive-ENgine tokens with Ethereum by purchasing NFT sticker coupons of the $SAND logo worth 1000 SAND each (Redeemable to any Hive, EOS or Telos wallet)

in San Diego Coin SAND10 months ago

Anyone who purchases 1 SAND for $9.99 or 0.0066 ETH can redeem them for 1000 SAND sent to their hive-engine wallet by sending a message in opensea with your desired hive account

or you can verify your ethereum wallet by making a post on hive and using your eth account to verify by making a small deposit of swap.eth OR using metamask to sign a message to the posting key of your hive account which is a system we will actually have to discuss and work on later with someone liek @someguy123 ! Maybe we can formalize this system to allow ethereum NFT "coupons" or "vouchers" that allow one to send to a hive-engine eth wallet and get hive engine tokens in exchange.

Anyway heres a way to purchase hive/eos/telos SAND by purchasing 1 SAND logo coupon and DMing me your HIVE account to recieve the 1000 SAND

Or like i said you could make a hive post


Obviously these can only be redeemed once and after being purchased by me and not off teh second hand market sales.

Here is the link!



So you can make a purchase for ETH and then Message me on opensea with your HIVE wallet account and i will send those 1000 SAND over!

I hope we can formalize a system like this with an automated service to do such a claim drop ethereum nft coupon voucher!