fork for hive and have a community for each city, and a city tokens local blockchain treasury dao to replace city councils and public budgets

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i just want to see hive engine replaced by @alcorexchange and i want local city based tokens for every city all in a standard universal local city token constellation federation system with cyber constitutions like telos and hivemind communities ... and a portal to make it all work with an ethereum metamask enabled gateway to allow erc20s to get people in and they tjen conveet over to hive or telos or other antelopeio chains.... all the best of every dpos chain combined with ethereum and bsc for the best local blockchain solutions for an alternative paralell us government treasury system starting at local levels and then having fity tokens trade and swap between themselves with the most profitable efficient cities getting all the future crypto investments... cities meed to compete for trillions by making their cities comoetituvely more and more crypto compatible with more and more options to spend altcoins locally at stores hitels histels airbnbs etc

an airbnb style dapp that takes crypto and point of dales app for any local store or resturaunt or airbnb to accept crypto especially hive and antelopeio tokens like telos eos wax proton and erc20s and even nfts as payment and gift cards at more and more stores ...this is what will happen if cities compete to accept mkre and mkre crypto with more people moving to these open source crypto smart cities

during a large enough bull run we WILL see cities competing to acceot more and more crypto to try and get more and more of the soon to be hundreds of trillions of dollars in crypro up for grabs that can turn cities into utopias

one thing i want funded with a local blockchain dao are Giant walking bridges and luxury tent city music festival camps in balboa park , oceanbeach and the anza borrego desert to end homelessness and a local public tech incubator kick starter all rolled up into a hive steemit mastadon telos ethereum twitter/reddit alternative If a city like #sandiego actually gave its blessing to a local cryptocurrency and out ut on the local news everyday for a month we could actually convince the wider crypto markets to invest billions and have a paralell city budgets- currenttly around 4.2 Billion a year so imagine having just 1Billion raised in cryptocurrency sales, with the hopes of this cyber treasury dao making enough peofit for investors to sustain a yearly local dao budget to spend on local infrastructure and public works projects. Then we keep things funded by launching local city based twitter and reddit alternative social media network app and website for sandiego and then other cities around the world competing yet cooperating in a chain of chains all connecting our cities through a multi chain network using ethereum hive/steem telos/eos/wax/proton/polygon/bsc and many other blockchains with tokens pegged to each, allowing people to invest in a city using all major blockchains and making posts across a hive mastadon local open source ubi advertising network like #snipverse for every city with membership discounts for local users to start earning otherwise you have to invest and stake to earn the local coin. these local city tokens will be the new form of governance for the future and replace city coucils and state assemblies and congress/senate on a local then state and one day federal level when these systems start raising trillions a year providing more efficient publicspending