Just Bought SD3D.xyz domain for my 3d printing business

in San Diego Coin SAND21 days ago

My new website http://sd3d.xyz will now forward people here to my hive blog where ill have a catalog of all my 3d printed products and samples with extr perks for any @sandiegocoin community users where ill cross post

Ill also look into any existing hive 3d printing subreddit style communities with people naybe like @holovision otherwise ill have to start one and convince some hive users to buy a bambulab printer like a $299 A1 mini and red filament so we can show off more hive shaped 3d prints


My first product is a lighter leash




Too bad most hive frontends arent friendly to hashtags that begin with a number like #3dprinting lol but @dbuzz lets us use them for some reason!


payin taxes ?

Lol on 3d printed stuff? Yeah i paid taxes when i bought the printer

Do people at farmers markets and swao meets pay taxes or ewhats the best loophole? Funny idea of 3d printing a tax loophole

I like idea of swapping btc mining with 3d print farms as more people understand them and no one can argue its useless when u make real tangible stuff but imagine using both

playin pump n dump now?

explosive combustionation. glad to know u absolutely normal