Mass production 3d printing first products: 510ecig battery leashes and lighter leashes, skull and storm trooper helmet and prusa mk4

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The lighter leashes have my instagram and website on them now like a 3d printed business card which redirects to my hive blog here where i post my 3d prints so people can browse a catalog and meetup with me where they can get a free sample of whatever i currently have printed ready or a model i know i can print easily and have tested and am ready to print a sheet of and charge the $2 to $5 basic fee for 100-150 grams of various filaments including carbon fiber petg and TPU or pla+ im getting some special stuff like abs and CF nylon




And a nice storm trooper solid print and a skull to show off what my my $399 BambuLab A1 with 256x256 textured PEI plate can do

Just used an extra $13 i had in change ro top up a cashapp card and buy an extra free shipping sunlu grey pla filament just to make sure i have more

I still have to finish assembling my Prusa Mk4 !



they nu already u so talented lol

what a Hamlet

it looked different on nft. can i return? i can sand it bag and u pay wallet fees. d as gut? u really need sittin on sth?