Paying 2.1 EOS to buy 10162 SAND (EOS) on (creating liquidity for the pool!)

in San Diego Coin SAND10 months ago

Now there is more EOS liquidity for @sandiegocoin after i paid around 2 eos for around 10K SAND!

its always exciting for me to review all the things SAND has from @banjo to bot to @tipcc SAND can be sent over hive, eos, telos and twitter discord and telegram AND then @challengedac mobile app so we can do GPS controlled geo airdrops to residents of san diego

But teh best way to determine who deserves #sandiego related upvotes is to let them all post on the san diego coin community on HIVE so we can curate manually, and if that task becomes too great I can pay curators in delegation to upvote with my SANDPOWER for me to hit all the local accounts with some EOS SAND on their tipit twitter wallets

now theers over 4 EOS in liquidity for defibox eos sand market


There was a time when SAND would trade with over $6000 USD in volume in a single day and the marketcap of SAND on EOS was $1 million dollars as there was 1 million supply back then on eos and each one was worth $1. This was back when SAND was on newdex (an unnecessary listing now since we have with SAND promoted on the front page! And the newdex defibox still has SAND on eos to swap so its no big deal )