Post to Hive without an account, earn tips/rewards with discord hive/hbd wallet! @sandguest posting key for san diego users to immiedtaly begin making posts (Login with this ) 5JUdCuNpYJRkqDbUtup1MHkTnv3Skr8d8WNehdTTYjHsRd9e9bQ

Leave your @tipcc memo deposit number in the post so we can send you tips right to your discord!

Use this posting key to login to and post to the @sandiegocoin community


get your @tipcc memo by adding to your discord for free OR joining the main discord

or join the discord for @sandiegocoin


DM the bot


Now you can post, and get tips to your discord without needing a hive wallet!


This is our official guest account!

Use it to make a post if you cannot get a hive account, and use your @tipcc deposit memo to get tips to discord in HIVE HBD SAND etc

It might be a better idea to connect a community account through the Discord posting bot in your approved channel, so you don't have random instances of spam. At least until new people figure out all the account-related stuff on HIVE and sign up. Just an idea.