Now that EOS/SAND pool has a few more eos in it, there are some arbitrage traders creating a few EOS in buy orders on 10,000 SAND = 1 EOS

you can get 1 EOS for 10,000 SAND on @alcorexchange


There is also pools to add to on alcor exchange and, SAND is on teh front page as apromoted token and has been for years. EOS still needs a token dao and i need a way to setr up edenos for my sandiegocoin contract one os and have edenos users using a discussionsx style contract for a local SAND blog system, utilizing both hive blog @sandiegocoin community youre reading from here, and a type system using telos data.scribe

and on defbox lets see how much 1000 SAND gets you in the pool

Ahh you get over 2 EOS for 10,000 SAND on defibox! now it makes sense!


Theres over 6.1 EOS in the eos / sand liquidity pool! Buy SAND off defibox or here on @alcorexchange with anchor/wombat/eos wallet of choice

Now you can buy SAND and add to the pool or the alcor pool!

You can also just buy SAND on hive-engine, or and convert it to EOS or HIVE.

There are many users who only stay on one chain or the other but you can convert 1 to the other

The peg may need a few million EOS sand purchased back to ensure the ability to get EOS sand for all the holders of the HIVE sand if they all decided to one day try and get EOS sand, theres only around 1.1 million in the sandiegocoin eos account because more of the eos sand was sold than should have been, but, its ok as long as we slowly buy back that eos sand which I have been doing which is how i was even able to purchase back 1 million eos sand in teh first place. So I should be able to buy back another 3 or 4 million to ensure peg integrity

I would just refund and then buy back tokens for anyone who had a failed token gateway withdraw or deposit. So there is nothing to worry about.

If theer is a bigger demand for EOS sand, then thats just going to be a benefit of holding the EOS version. And you may be stuck with having to sell your token for that same price on another chain for as long as i can handle that . I believe I can buy back another few million eos SAND no problem over the next year or so

image.png is a DAO front end with the ability for SAND users to signup for telos, move hive or eos sand to telos sand which they can alreayd do but then use that telos sand for the app telos net treasury system to now redeem for SANDO VOTING tokens tp vote on the app telos net telos.decide telos sand treasury ballots and proposals, and then even use works.decide to pay local sand users bproposals to fight over among themselves with voting :)

in fact im going to go set up a 20 TLOS treasury for SAND right now.

Using Hive.Blog SAND community + EOS edenos and the Telos.Decide contracts we can take advantage of SAND being on HIVE EOS and Telos 1:1:1 & bring users to Telos SAND use the Telos WPS.

💲SANDAO San Diego Coin DAO🟣🌞🏄‍♂️


I will chek it.. Thankfor update infornation about #AlchorExchange

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and here is Horton Plaza


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