CLEAN PLANET Crowdfunding campaign: challenge 4/9 - Your favorite ocean cleaning project

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If plastics are not collected, recycled or burned, they end up in the oceans.
They are ingested by birds and fish and cause an ecological catastrophe, a generalized ecocide.

Several projects have emerged to remove plastics from the oceans but the task is enormous, when it is so much easier to put them in the trash before they reach the oceans.

4ocean sells bracelets. Fundraising helps finance ocean cleaning

The Ocean cleanup develops advanced technologies to clean the oceans.

The sea cleaners invents a solar powered boat to collect waste. The Manta, a giant sailboat, takes on ocean plastic pollution. Norwegian technology cleans the oceans from plastic pollution and recycles plastic waste

CLEAN PLANET rewards all citizens who pick up litter before it reaches the oceans. Take part in the crowdfunding campaign with us!

Challenge 4/9

Reply to this post with a a picture of your favorite beach.

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