Clean Planet - Time lapse trash walk!

in CLEAN PLANET6 months ago

“You get paid to pick up trash” - this project on Comakery really caught my attention. Clicked on it to read more and discovered they are using the Hive blockchain! I’ve been slowly making my transition over so what a great opportunity to get in here and start participating.

I walk a lot and often pick up trash and love time lapse videos so this project is definitely something I’ll make time for.

Plus earning value on hive will help me release the art NFTs I’ve been working on. This is the very beginning of a flow of value that can help me accomplish different goals. Pick up trash- earn hive- make more posts- earn more hive- use that hive to release nfts in the NFT showroom- hopefully sell the nfts- use that hive to
support Currency Skunks projects on hive and to fund comakery projects.

Im very new to all this but have been learning and exploring every day.Excited to see what where this goes and even more excited to experiment with these types of incentive games!

Cleaning up trash is a simple thing many humans can do. By doing so in public spaces, you set a powerful never know who you will inspire.

I found a spot in town that has so much litter. I'm going there next walk with gloves and a big bag !