One planet, one chance : Show our planet some love!

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When we talk about life, the first impression that comes to our mind is about our beautiful earth. The only planet in the solar system that supprts life in differrnt. It is so fascinating to know that even after so many years of research and investigation, we are unable to locate any other such planet that supports life in their eco system. Except fewer talks about aliens and òcassion UFO news we have no clue about existence of any other form of life anywhere in the solar system. This makes our Earth as one of the besutiful planet. As the world has started obeserving Earth Day on 22 Apr every year, we are yet to make more meaningful contribution towards it.

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Cultural beliefs

Before we dive into the depth of earth , It is important to know that earth has a special significance in Hindu culture. It has so much influence that they worship them on every major rituals. Hindus worship the earth, (also known as dhartimaata or mitti) as the manifestation of the Divine Mother, or Bhooma Devi*. This what makes us to the Earth Goddess. Earth is often seen as the basis of life, as it brings forth life, sustains it, and then takes it back. The earth is considered to be the bearer and revealer of divine life. The worship is not limited only to the earth, the Hindus also worship trees, such as the pipal, a sacred fig, and the banyan tree, also known as the tree of life.

Hindus has a strong belief that the earth deserves devotion and protection. They have recognize that how humans benefit from the earth and offer gratitude and protection in response. For example : Before the foundation of a building is dug, a priest is invited to perform the “Bhoomi (earth) Pooja” to seek forgiveness from mother earth for violating her.

Facts & Figures

The year 2024 marks the 54th anniversary of the annual celebrations of earth day. It was organised to pledge support for environmental protection. The purpose is to make aware about the degradation and disturbances that we are forcing on the earth. We have been continously exploiting our Earth for various reason. Be it afforestation, or deriving minerals, or sustaining our survival. There is non deniable facts that we are completelly dependant on our Earth for our survival. From water to food to air. We are completelly dependant on Earth. However when it comes to "giving back" we hardly make any efforts to make our earth more beautiful. Rather we keep on exploiting it in various ways. Here are sum of amazing facts about Earth, that we must take into account Before proceeding to exploit it.

  • Earth's surface is covered by mountains, valleys, and volcanoes

  • Earth is the only planet in our solar system that has water and supports life.

  • About 70% of Earth's surface is covered by oceans of liquid water

  • Earth's atmosphere is made up of 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, and 1% other gases

  • Earth orbits the sun once every 365 days.

  • Earth has a radius of 3,959 miles.

There is always a mis conception that shape of earth is round i.e circular or some considered it as spherical, however Earth's shape is called a geoid. It is flattened at the poles, which gives ir a unique look.

Protecting the Earth

As we are the sole owner who has been utilizing the various resources from Earth, It is important for us to take care of it as much as possible. Mere exploiting it will lead in damaging the ecosystem. The world leader has already taken a note of it and making sure to raise awareness in their own way. Many initiatives were undertaken to let people know of the side affects of environmental degradation. We can make our own part in following way.

  • Water conservation
  • Energy conservation
  • Tree plantation
  • Go green.
  • Reducing pollution level.
  • Educating people.

There are many way, through which we conserve our Earth. It is all about making people educate to treat the Earth as their own home and keep it as clean as possible. Showing our planet some love! Join a clean-up drive, advocate for change, and choose sustainable practices are better way to protect our Earth.

This is my Day 22 contribution towards *Inleo Writing Prompt for the m/o April.


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It's great that you mentioned simple ways we can help take care of the Earth, such as conserving water and energy, planting trees, reducing pollution, and educating others. Every little effort counts and we can make a big difference if we work together.

Thank you for sharing this post and reminding us of the importance of showing love and respect for our planet. It's time to take action and make a positive change!😍

A single step can bring the changes and it all starts at home....every little effort from.our end contribute for earth well being. It is importsnr we must be aware of what we are doing and how we are proceeding...

Unfortunately I realize that few people are aware of their actions😌

The architectural design of the earth is so wonderful but at the same time too precious to be manhandled. If we don't minimize the exploitation of natural resources we might live to regret it.

Nice article in there.

Or we already started feel regret. The sudden change of weather all arpund is quite evidient that the environment has been affected....we have uneven rainfall, extreme heat and chilled winter to go....everything direct the mishandling

I just hope we come to the realization that we are going way too extreme and do the needful on time for the better.

So true...everything has certain limitation...The moment we cross, the more problems we would be

I like the message. Act now. ! @steemflow

A genuine reminder for everyone....just get set go...

Yes. Thank you for the reminders. ☺️ @steemflow

Conservation of the earth is a really important thing and I'm so glad that alot of people are coming to this understanding.

The more we create awareness, the better it is for the coming generstion....this is the only way we can stop nature exploitation.

How important education is to know how to care for the earth and to do so effectively. I think it all starts with education, especially for children. If we all work together the world will be a better place! Thank you @steemflow 😃

It is our responsibility to look after earth. The more we spread the good words and create awareness the better it is...nothing is better than protecting our own home..

I totally agree, it is up to each one of us.

So how you manage to contribute, remember every little steps counts

When I was in Argentina, I used to breed earthworms, so I used to feed them with organic waste. Here I separate the different waste, I don't consume plastic... I hope to have a garden soon!

Earthworm breeding ???🤔🤔🤔 isn't it a strange choice.....I remember calling them chowmin in childhood....

They make humus to fertilise the soil and it helped me a lot in my garden.

I agree with you. We keep exploiting our earth, yet we don't give back. That has to change if we're to have a better earth.

For a better tomorrow, we have to act now...better tomorrow better living.

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