#Cleanplanet campaign || I cleaned part of the ground together with the students 15 November 2023

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Today is 15 November 2023 and it is Wednesday. After this morning's assembly, I cleaned part of the ground together with the students of the school and cleaned the plastic bags and various wrappers from the school yard because the school ground is very big and I asked the students to clean it during this time. Also informed about the importance of cleaning, because when the students go home, they will play an important role in keeping their house and area clean. I hope you all will like my effort.i appreciate to all @cleanplanet community

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Hello ! Woawwwww

Great action of soil's depollution

Congratulations to all... I am very happy to see this

Something is missing ... show the Date of the day on a paper OR write it on the soil (it could be an amazing solution !!! )

Continue like this
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See you soon all


Thank you very much


Hey friend super really super amazing view.You are doing a great job by cleaning the school grounds and through the campaign you are cleaning with students,the students will be aware about cleanliness in future.Keep up the good work.Little boys will increase their love for nature and they will try to keep nature clean.

It is your great respect love ..yes dear purpose of this activity is to aware student about importance of cleaniness.i am happy my student joined me

Wow bro, you have done a very good job by cleaning the garbage from the school grounds along with your school children and you have also given a good idea to the children to clean the garbage.

Students are our asset and we should train then in this regards thank dear for appreciation

Good sir.
Nice effort.
You did a marvellous job to clean tbe ground with students.
Being a muslim its our belief that cleanliness is a part of our faith.
So I am very glad to see this clean planet campaign.
I will also join you soon.

yes respected javed it is our belief as muslim that cleanliness is a part of our faith, without it we are nothing in real life, thank you so much dear for apprecation my effort, i will try my best to continue it