#Cleanplanet campaign || Today I came to Thal Canal to clean garbage , plastic bags etc

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hello my hive and #3speak community

Today I came to Thal Canal and there is a small forest along the Thal and a lot of people come there daily and plastic bags and different kinds of garbage fall into the canal so today I went along the Thal Canal which There were plastic bags and there was dirt, I cleaned it and I felt very relieved. Hope you all will appreciate my effort.i appreciate to all @cleanplanet community

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You have done your task in the forest which is good. This garbage is not for health and in the wild, there are many creatures living. excellent work buddy and I am glad to see that you have joined the #cleanplanet community. congrats Party kab de raho ho.

dear i started this task, really i enjoyed it, and i felt very good, after cleaning the earth,, party is on, jub bolo dear party on hai, aur party he party,, aj hum nay burger khya,, welcome welcome jub bolo party

You are doing good work for the environment and a clean planet is a nice initiative on the chain. Thanks for what you are doing.

i enjoyed this task, our earth is very beautiful , i think we should take participate to clean it

You have to announce the date of the day in the beginning of the video

You have to show that the garbage go in a public bin

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Continue ! You ROCK to preserve environment

thank you so much for appreciation, i collected the garbage at place then destoryed them thank you for appreciation

The canal on one side and the forest on the other side is very beautiful and natural from there you have shown the identity of a conscious citizen by walking and collecting garbage and plastic.Thank you very much brother.

yes dear it is beautiful area, walking area, canal and forest , both side beautiful , thank you dear

!giphy good job

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thank you so much for appreciation, support

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