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A big welcome to everyone to this post, to this community and thank you for your collective PUSH just to get it done!

The time has come for us all to join together as a community centered on our wonderful home: South Africa.

The main purpose of this Community is to join it and form at minimum a directory to make it easy for Saffas to find one another.

If you are South African, are a Saffa abroad, are from somewhere else but live in South Africa or braai too much that you might as well BE a South African, then this is the place you are meant to be!

You are allowed to post into the community. The usual caveats will apply. I shall post them on the side as they should be. The rest will be up to the community and community leaders to decide.


For now, I would just like to get everyone together in one place!

Here is the list from last time to TAG you in! But if you are not here or know of someone that SHOULD be here then please tag them!

South Africa - 60 people in total so far.

Cape Town, South Africa - 25 people

Table View, Cape Town, South Africa - 11 people

The Mobey-Ludick Household:
@zakludick - myself
@clairemobey - my partner
@aimeludick - our daughter
@merenludick - our son
@matthew-williams - our son

Another family:
@jusipassetti - @therneau's wife
@rexydayz - their son




Other Cape Town Hivers













@fermentedphil - Stellenbosch


Johannesburg - 5 People

@joetunex - Johannesburg
@presh84 - Johannesburg
@silhouetted.grey - Johannesburg
@cryptoandcoffee - Johannesburg
@nikv - Johannesburg

Pretoria - 6 People

@braaiboy - Pretoria
@wynella - Pretoria
@craigcryptoking - Pretoria
@space2grow - Pretoria
@pixelhuntersam - Centurion
@baasdebeer - Pretoria

Durban, South Africa - 2 People

@lizelle, @therneau's aunt
@jacoalberts - Pinetown to be exact!

Bloemfontein, South Africa - 2 People



Other South African Areas - 20 People



@seanandre85, Class of 2022


@fionasfavourites - McGregor

@artywink - Waterfall, KZN





@giantbear - Port Edward

@breezin - Tzaneen










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So glad you selected this name as there is already setup by @jaynie on Twitter to use!

Rynow is Pretoria, Joanstewart in Warner Beach KZN, Awgbibb in Roodepoort Gauteng, Sweetpea in Durban.

Expats @leelektrik @edenmichelle @pandamama Greece, @scrooger South Korea, @vm2904 Nomad (I think Vietnam)

Will be easier once properly set up in a community being able to invite people as we meet online, many more I have only listed current.

Wonderful! Thank you so much for the additions... I think this is 71 people and counting!

Easier once you meet folk to add them to a list.

I’m in Joburg. Haha, to let you know. We should attempt a voting trail and delegate. Pronto🤗❤️💕💕😉😉😉

Wonderful. What we should do is update this list about once a month because each time you update a post with tagged people it tags them AGAIN. We do not want to spam!

Well done setting up a South African community Zak, you rock!


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Let's gooooooo! Got to push those numbers up!


Hello; @zakludick

We appreciate your work and your post was manually shared on Twitter by @papilloncharity from the DNA team!
Reach us on Discord to learn more about the project!

Thank you for your suppport!

Maybe you should also ask @hive-buzz to create a SA badge that he can distribute to every member.
He can just use the SA flag for the badge, as it will save on the badge design costs.

What's green and sits in the corner?
A naughty frog.

Credit: fallingforward
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That would be great if @hive-buzz sees this I am sure he shall consider it! 😁🤞🙏🙏🙏🙏

Yep, give him a try and I am sure that he will oblige.

Hi @zacludick, thank you for starting this community, looking forward to connecting with fellow South Africans!
Wishing you the very best!
Could not see these in the list, may have missed them:
@buckaroobaby - Klein Karoo
Some from the family below are expats:
@edenmichelle (the singer EGGSTA)
@pandamama / @christinepoulos

Thank you!

So that would make it 65 people. As I said elsewhere, I shall add new people to the list once a month otherwise it tags people each time I update the post. haha.

You are one of my inspirations by the way! I show a lot of newbies what can happen to a Hive account over the course of 3 years and consistent contributions!

Awe thank you Zac, Hive's been a lifesaver in more ways than one, especially when Covid came along - it helped financially; I could blog my heart out, engage with & meet kindred spirits!
Running a community is hard work, especially in the beginning, but you're sure to make a success of this, having a good team will go a long way to lighten the load.
Who knows, there may be many more Saffers here!

I wanted to take that initial step at least. I am happy with sharing it with those that have been community leaders in the past as well. If nothing else I want to continue to grow the local hive community!

LOVE it!! Always fun connecting with fellow SA friends!

And although you are relatively new, you are still early IN on Hive. This is just the beginning!

Who knew so many Sputh Africans were this ahead of the curve 👀

Sunny skies and vegetarian braaivleis all 'round.

And cheesecake. I've seen a cheesecake from one of you lot and I'm only really hanging here to try and get a bite of the next one 👍😎

Hahaha, well I have learned a couple of nice things to braai that is vegetarian and I do not mind dedicating a section of the grille to the vegetarian things as long as you don't mind the wors and such on the other side 😝

Oh yes, we have loads of people! I would say that we should aim at making this at least 80 people by the end of the year and at least 50 of those should be active members!

Wow. That's quite a party 😁

Nah... I don't mind. Whatever blows your hair back. Who am I to judge?

ps. I'll bring some tunes

Yeah? You will bring some tunes? Tell me more!

I think @samsmith1971 might also like to be involved in this community. South African born but currently living in the U.K.

That's fine. It fits the criteria!

That actually takes us up to 66 people... and counting!


@zackluck you can add @sue-hellen to the list. She just signed up and started posting. She is from Thabazimbi.
@hope777 is from Palm beach close to me.
@anneke is from Kemptonpark and @alishi is her daughter from the same town.
Glad to see the South African community is getting back on track!

I think that makes it 75 people!

@zakludick We have a whatsapp group for some of us. I am just not sure how to add you. I believe that there are many more than 75. I shared this post with my blog and I have the education community and shared it there as well. Let's see who is still here. There was someone on the whatsapp group who had the list.

I sent you a message via the peakd messenger, we can exchange details there! Let's keep growing the circle!

Nice initiative! I will definitely reach you out at my next trip to South Africa. As I have mentioned it to @giantbear recently, I had to pause all my trips around the world due to the pandemic. However, I may come back again in 2023, and I would be very happy to meet you guys. The planned places definitely include Jo'burgh, and possibly Cape Town.


Come round for a Cape Town braai then! 😁😁😁

I will, for sure. The last time I visited Cape Town was in December 2018, with the family (this was my only trip to SA with the family; usually I come alone for work). We really enjoyed the place (and the surroundings)!

Indeed! It is a tourist destination of note!

But as you can see, we have a lot of Hivers in Cape Town as well. I am sure that we can pull together quite a collection of people into one place!

I will let you know as soon as a trip to SA will be booked (not for 2022, that's clear; but maybe 2023...). Therefore, we will be able to meet and have fun ^^


Cheers! Looking forward to it!

This is a great initiative, Zak.

Good job on putting it together.


Thanks John! !PIZZA

Great work. ❤️😎

Thank you! Let's see what we Saffas can get done!

Nou praat jy! 😁😁😁🤣🤣🤣


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This is absolutely FANTASTIC! Well done!!!

The heck, I dunno how I missed being tagged in this.
Yay! Our very own Saffa community!
@michieme come join this community 😜

Jy is bietjie agter!
For our non-Afrikaans speaking fellows- Translation:
"you are a bit behind! "
I joined the community the day he posted this! 🤣

Yeah, yeah. I guess I am. This loadshedding has me all kinds of deurmekaar (confused).

Lol!!!! Don't blame loadshedding

But it's true! When it interrupts me I get thrown off completely sometimes. Then I come back to what I was doing and don't know what is going on, or where I was busy! Not all of us have laptops and mobile data you know 😜

🤣🤣🤣 Fair enough

She's here! Hehehe

i love south africa...till covid i was up and down the county all the time...i wish you the best as community

Are you from South Africa @funnel?

no i'm not...but i got relatives in joburg and friends all around
one of my very first posts here in hive was about joburg...this is how much i love the city

We welcome people who live abroad who are South Africans, we welcome people from everywhere who live in South Africa... I see no reason to exclude you if you have family here and you come here often... do you know how to braai?

how to braai??....:)) to braai is a must my friend!

It would make a great post to show us how you braai! 😁😁😁