[ENG-ESP] Brief summary of the importance of POB. -- Breve resumen de la importancia de POB.

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I am sincere, I have been invited to participate in this community, and the first thing I thought, Another community? I had started studying another community some time ago and today it has no participants.

But I have started reading about Proof of Brain and I have found the initiative great, especially because it encourages making good use of network resources, that is: Make conscious votes and grow by making relevant content, voting for really interesting content.

How do I get the POB tokens? You can make your publications in proofofmind.io and the POB tokens that you get (Only in this way can you generate them) you can exchange them in Hive Engine or in LeoDex.io, here you can also acquire them.

The interesting thing POB applies the reduction rate applied by Bitcoin, it means that there are 21 million tokens that will be produced and in a certain time the rewards will be reduced, causing the price of POB to increase.

It is worth starting to publish and vote on publications from this community, it is never too late, above all it is a way to bet on an excellent project that benefits those who participate in a responsible and constant way.

Do you dare to participate ?, Of course; do not forget to spread this information so that many others know what it is about.

Thank you very much for stopping by.



Soy sincero, me han invitado a participar en esta comunidad, y lo primero que pensé, ¿Otra comunidad mas?, había tenido comenzado a estudiar otra comunidad hace algo de tiempo y hoy no tiene participantes.

Pero he comenzado a leer sobre Proof of Brain y me ha parecido genial la iniciativa, sobretodo es porque fomenta hacer un buen uso de los recursos de la red, es decir: Realizar votos conscientes y crecer realizando contenido relevante, votando por contenido realmente interesante.

¿Como obtengo los tokens POB? Puedes realizar tus publicaciones en proofofmind.io y los tokens POB que obtienes (Solo de esta manera puedes generarlos) los puedes intercambiar en Hive Engine o bien en LeoDex.io, aquí también puedes adquirirlos.

Lo interesante POB aplica la tasa de reducción que aplica Bitcoin, quiere decir que existen 21 millones de tokens que se producirán y en cierto tiempo las recompensas se reducirán, haciendo que el precio de POB aumente.

Vale la pena comenzar a publicar y votar publicaciones de esta comunidad, nunca es tarde, sobretodo es una manera de apostar a un excelente proyecto que beneficia a quienes participen de manera responsable y constante.

¿Te animas a participar?, Claro; no te olvides de difundir esta información para que muchos otros sepan de que se trata.

Muchas gracias por pasar.


I also thought they same thing you did before joining and it sounded rather fishy when I heard the Hive. But I must say it POB has surely exceeded my expectations.

Every day I read amazing write ups and tend with a lot of people and really feel the love in this community.

I'm glad to be here and that token is also an added advantage, keeps you pushing to do more and unlock new achievements..

Great post!!!

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@chincoculbert How good it is to read this, without a doubt it is an encouragement to continue betting and working towards this incredible community, thanks for being here!

I'm glad you're here too. Keep doing what you're doing ❤️❤️❤️

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