Aren't We Human After All?


“A lot of what is presented as “the science” in modern medicine is woefully lacking and probably always has been. This has resulted from starting off on the wrong track, and when we start off on the wrong track, every move we make from then on takes us farther and farther off track. In medical science, it has led to pure theory becoming the dogma of today’s medicine.Why did this happen? It was inevitable. It resulted from medical science consciously leaving out of the study of human disease a few rather important things: the human psyche (thoughts and emotions), the human energy system, the human connection to the whole of the universe. Instead, it chose to narrow its so-called medical science down to a view of the human body as a machine. And from that faulty basis it proceeded to look at disease as the breaking down of the parts of the machine, the solutions to which are mostly drugs (which just happen to crank out huge bucks for the medical conglomerates controlling medicine today). True science makes sense. It is understandable to the common person. Furthermore, its conclusions are verifiable. Yet, here we are. Instead of having a medical system that most people would be able to understand, because it actually makes sense and could be taught appropriately from the lower grades and up, we have a so-called science that is full of errors because so much of it is actually made up. To cover up for this, it contains a lot of long words and names to keep the public dependent on the “experts” for answers, thus turning off their instincts in the face of nonsense that is being preached or prescribed to them. I believe that what we are seeing happen right now, all around the world, is the inevitable end of the line for such a faulty system. At the very least, it is a crossroads. It could mean the end of the human race as it has been known since the beginning of humankind. Or it could be a wake-up call and an opportunity to recognize that what we are witnessing – and have been witnessing for a long time, now– is the end of a civilization. If this awakening can occur among great numbers of us all over the planet, we will be given the chance to stop what is happening now and, using our own inner guidance, create a world the likes of which has not been known since the ancient Vedic civilization. I have faith that this is what is about to happen in our beautiful world. But it will only happen if people awaken from the trance they’ve been put in, start questioning and thinking independently, and make a firm decision to create a world for themselves, and the following generations, that we can finally love.” from WHY I HAVE TURNED TO THE NEW BIOLOGY AND MEDICINE by Joan Hughes

My friend wrote that and it kind of ties all my previous articles together nicely. She gets it, but this time I’m delving into transhumanism. After learning about genes and a bit about DNA it’s the next logical step to understanding what it going on and why. I ended up watching lots of video’s on the subject and gleaned what I could and started joining some dots again. I don’t believe they are trying to make us into cyborgs as some people think. That doesn’t make much sense. Actual robots would be much more compliant and cheaper. They could be experimenting on us to make themselves into cyborgs though as they do seem obsessed with ‘eternal life’ and it would be the ultimate materialistic experience. We do know they want to ‘upload’ our minds into this cloud thing. The quantum computer to run this cloud is called ‘D-Wave’. They like to put everything in plain sight for us which is why instead of going throught the greek alphabet from A-Z which would be logical they have instead called the ‘effects of the shots’ the Delta Wave. Delta wave is also a frequency our brains emit when we are in deep sleep. Get it? Following on from D-wave the next one waiting in the wings is called the MU wave. First I thought of the Mumu Land song from the 80’s which came from a trilogy of books called The Illuminati Trilogy so thought I had it but then I heard of the tiniest chip they’ve managed to make. Barely the size of a piece of dust and it is called a MU-chip. Bingo. Maybe they HAVE put a chip in the jabs? Or maybe that’s in the booster shot hence MU wave not being rolled out yet.

Just as they have done with genetic research tho they can only relate to the material so they correlate our minds with our material being but are our minds entirely us? No. Rupert Sheldrake has already demonstrated that our memories are not even stored in our brains, they are stored outside the body in the ‘bio-field’. Our soul/bio-field extends out from our physical body, some see it as an ‘aura’ and it’s said to extend to about 6 feet. This is not an exact science and with metrics I remember a lot of arguing over how far apart we should all be for their ‘social distancing’. So what they want to upload are our material ‘reactions’ using google algorythms. This is to be a ‘global superbrain’, maybe our supreme leader in the New World Order. They do like to emulate the good book, relive things from it or even bring things like Revelations into reality. This uploading to the cloud is an enactment of the Rapture but in materialistic form or is the rapture an analogy for this transhumanism? Are we being manipuated into enacting scenes from their bible? You may not believe in the bible but you can bet your socks they do most avidly.
The mind is not our soul/consciousness it is only the materialistic dimension of ourselves. In fact it is the ‘heart chakra’ (whatever that might be) which new agers say is the key to our soul (or is it our DNA)? Is it a coincidence that the jabs are affecting mens hearts? Why mens hearts but womens nerves and ovaries? We need to look at the real data to see if I’m right, it’s just what I’ve perceived myself. Women seem to be getting the wobbles where men seem to be having heart issues. Correct me if I’m wrong. Is this on purpose or accidental? I’m reminded of the Murals in Denver airport in which there are no men, only women and children in the apolcalyptic scene.

So modern medicine treats us all like machines, modern genetics treats us like a chemistry lab and now tranhumanists think our brain is our entirety. They always seem to fall short of the mark don’t they. Some of these quantum scientists claim we are living in a computer simulation already but I think that is wishful thinking on their part and what they would like it to be. The genetics industry has always run on a ‘fake it til you make it’ marketing policy and it would follow that the same applies to the transhumanists. They are telling us what they are wishing for.

The Story of Adam and Eve (Getty Museum)

Adam and Eve. The story has always intrigued me and I could never make sense of it until recently. I was lent a book written by a catholic priest which I cannot remember the name of but it jolted me to think again. It pointed out that they couldn’t have been the first humans made by God as it clearly says later in the bible that Cane left the Garden of Eden and went to find himself a wife. So Adam and Eve were not alone, or the first, so who were they? The book also stated that the catholic priest believed they were the first ‘Israelites’. That it is the story of the Iraelites only, which makes more sense now. The old testament is full of stories which do not fit with Christian values at all what does fit tho is satanism. Animal and human sacrifice, more than one ‘God’, magic and spells. So if we look at the story again with fresh eyes (which I recently did) more of the story makes sense.

Kabbalistic Tree Of Life 6 Digital Art by Sandrine Kespi

I dabbled at first with the alien cloning theory, the rib being used to take the DNA but it was only Eve that was ‘cloned’. The ‘Tree of Life’ would be the Kabbalah which coincidentally (not) is still referred to AS The Tree of Life. OBVIOUSLY! The snake is the devil or rather was it his trouser snake and that apple now is his seed. He impregnated Eve to make himself in the flesh mirroring the story of Jesus’ conception. Cane was the devil’s child. The Israelites are Lucifers chosen people. The bloodline of the illuminati is the bloodline from Cane. Other stories about ‘fallen angels’ or the Nephilim breeding with humans fits in with this too. The elite are obsessed with inbreeding, trying to keep their bloodline pure but they cannot survive and procreate indefinitely without problems. They must hate having to turn to us for our genes to keep them going and by doing so muddying their pure bloodline.

The Nephilim — Giants in the Bible | Beginning And End

All through history we, the ones outside the Garden of Eden, have been controlled by these ‘spawn of satan’, good versus evil, dark versus light, all the stories now fit. The Roman gods, the Egytian mythology, Ayervedic tales all begin to make sense of the fight for domination over us. The early Israelites worshipped Ba’al, remember the golden calf? The elites still do worship Ba’al. It’s no secret any more.

I remember getting suckered in by the Zeitgeist films about 10 years ago in which they tried to say the story of the birth of Jesus was simply older stories rehashed. The birth of Horus as an example but now I believe those stories were the Adam and Eve story rehashed actually.

Scientific Evidence That Adam and Eve Never Even Met …

But why am I talking of Adam and Eve and what does it have to do with our current situation or even transhumanism? Well a lot actually. It was only when I delved into the transhumanist agenda that everything started to make sense. We always have to look at the history to see how we got here and Adam and Eve have always been postulated as ‘clones’. Clones of what tho? Those who do not believe in God prefer to think of it as an alien genetic experiment. That’s fine, to me aliens are just demons and it’s just biblical stuff dressed up in pseudoscience to me. It also stated in Genesis somewhere that humans should only live for 120 years yet the descendents of Adam and Eve were listed as living for hundreds of years so these were not products of God? Why did they stop living so long and what happened to the ‘giant’ children. Did the human DNA cancel out their demon/alien DNA down the generations? Is this what they are looking for, their original DNA?

We are Energy Beings: Build it or Lose it • Nur Muhammad ..

Another thing that I couldn’t get my head around was the ‘we are energy beings’ thing. We are just experiencing a ‘material world’. This is our soul, the energy (some say we are light others say electric but its all energy in material forms. Frequencies seem to be the key. Some frequencies seem to be bad and some good. Low and high frequencies. Low is bad, high is good. Is this our heaven and hell analogy? Back to the bible and Genesis- “In the beginning was THE WORD”. So not light but sound. Everything sprang from a sound (hmm the ‘Big Bang’ ring any bells? I made a pun.) The Iluminati are the illuminated ones, illuminated by the light of the Light Bearer (Lucifer), or given ‘life’ by their God. Biblical hints are written all over the place on this covid story, we can’t ignore it.

DNA nanomachines can transmit information – Cosmos Magazine

Now lets link all this historical story telling to what we’ve been trying to work out about DNA and why it is so important to our power-crazed ‘elite’, ‘rulers’, whatever you want to call the control freaks pulling the strings. Is this DNA the receiver, translator from energy to matter? It has been referred to as Jacob’s ladder which would be the thng that connects us to God/source. It is not biological, it is more chrystalline and is likened to a computer code in materialistic thinking. All these things fit with it being the connection between energy and matter. Our DNA is the program which makes our soul run our biological bodies. This is why it is so important and why everyone says this is a spiritual battle.

They’ve been collecting DNA since before the great covid drive, remember all the fuss about family trees and sending your DNA in to be analysed? Yup they’d started collecting, then the PCR tests which look for specific bits of RNA. Not sure what they were looking for there, maybe their own bloodline off shoots, bits of their own DNA who knows.

The good, the bad and the CRISPR-Cas9: the advantages and …

Crispr/CAS9 is said to be a tool for ‘hacking dna’ which is what they would love to do no doubt but I feel they are still faking it til they make it. I covered where they’re at with that technology in my Amino Age article. If they could hack our DNA they could theoretically cut us off from source, our souls. We would be like zombies which they also seem to be throwing at us constantly. If people have been chipped with the MU-chip it would certainly help with their planned social credit system. The chip works on a super low frequency which it emits (could this be the cause of the ‘shedding’ phenomena?) and which a simple gadget can pick up, it was said to be invented to tag shop items like clothing but that makes no sense does it. Sounds like a cover story. Just lie their continued experimenting with genes used the cover story of finding cures when genes do not cause disease. Apparently these MU-chips are already in lots of so-called ‘food’ items.

hitachi mu chip – TFOT

As usual I’m leaving you with more questions than answers but this time I really don’t know what they are trying to do exactly. We know they want eternal life, they had it once or near enough but they lost those ‘genes’ somewhere in the mix. I think they’re trying to get it back and I think they’re fighting a losing battle. Maybe they’ll just have to plump for total control of everything on Gods earth, making us all live in their hell with them. They obviously need us but not in these great numbers so a cull is obvious and underway. I think historically we’ve been here before, as in done this before. The remnants are with us in stories like the Tower of Babel, Sodom and Gomora and Atlantis and Sumeria. Advanced civilizations who went one step too far. Looks like they’re about to overstep the mark once again and it will not end well. Rinse and repeat…….


Excellent essay! So much in it. I'm going to start babbling along.
Dark forces, call them what you will, that cannot exist in form on earth, are trying to make our bodies into bodies they can inhabit. They use frequencies to inform us, and so to control us,
We have been dumbed down to a very low level frequency that is easy to control - zombies are truly walking the earth. Some of us, who knows why but it probably has something to do with our frequencies, are immune to their efforts. There are more of us this time, and they will destroy themselves, but not before they destroy a great many humans.
Very interesting conjecture that the next "variant" will be Mu, and will have been caused by mu in the boosters. It's all so ridiculous!!! I don't see how any thinking person can't see the irrationality of all of this! But their thinking is being done for them.

Thanx am so glad some people are getting it. It's a slow process but the ahaa's are coming thick and fast now.

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Fantastic article thanks, it's sure going to be interesting to see how all this play's out.

Thankyou, very kind. Interesting times indeed.

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She is a lovely lady Tracey northern, glad I gave her this account. Nobody would fill it with hope like her.

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Bless you Shepz xxx

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The UNESCO Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights:

Article 3 — Human dignity and human rights:

“Human dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms are to be fully respected.

The interests and welfare of the individual should have priority over the sole interest of science or society.”

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what they say on paper and what they do in life are complete opposites, probably a get-out-clause somewhere in that 'declaration' otherwise it's not worth the paper it's written on. ;-)
We all have inalienable rights already, given by God the creator, which no-one can take from us. We need no written so-called human rights. Their legal-speak does not pertain to living breathing beings but only to dead corp-orations. Anything adressed to your name in all capitals is in the language of 'the dead' and is adressed to your corp-oration and not your actual living beng.

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Yep I know, been researching a long time, but you can still use this document.

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Wow muy inspirador, es excelente lo que explayaste, te dejo mi voto y te sigo, saludos.

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Thankyou, I've visited, upvoted and commented. Thanx for your interest. I love that it created another post as a kind of offshoot, very creative.

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sorry @logicalzombie I only just saw this comment. I don't know exactly what it's supposed to mean re this post tho. It's a terrible report re-inforcing the old immunity card which is bullshit. There is no immunity. I doubt they 'all got coronavirus' as they seem to believe, maybe they're just saying that to prove they are all 'immune' now. I've always admired their stance on rejecting society but they are not as wholesome as they make out. I've heard reports of puppy farming and cruelty to animals. Not very christian in my book.

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right, the point is that they refused to be vaccinated and they didn't die

Oh ok, thought it might have some deeper message. many people are refusing the vaxines and not dying. Some are accepting them and not dying. Those who do not comply may end up living LIKE the Amish in seperate communities from mainstream society. Guess I was over-thinking it ;-)