Interview with an 'anti-vaxxer'

Yes I know it's a dirty word and I cringe at using it too but not for the reason you might think. The term 'vaxxer' was made popular (and unpopular) by the 'Vaxxed' campaign and movie. Started by Dr Andrew Wakefield and his crew.

Now anyone would think this philosophy was brand new looking at it from outside of my world but actually the anti-vaccination movement has been around as long as vaccinations have been around and before that almost everyone was anti-innoculation which is what vaccines were born from.

The trouble with innoculation, apart from the damage it was causing, like deaths and disease (cough....smallpox), was it was unregulated. Anyone and his brother could go and scratch someones poxes off and scratch them onto someone else. Just like butchers in the days of unregulated 'medisin' could perform the old cure-all of blood-letting. (That's basically stabbing you and letting you bleed for a bit.) Yes literally butchers, who sold dead animals yes.

So to halt the 'charlatans' making money and going around killing people the powers that be saw a nice little earner so got their minion (a lowly freemason) Edward Jenner to come up with the genius plan of using cows pox pus instead of human pox pus, give it a fancy latin name (Vacca means cow in latin) vaccination, ban anyone else from doing it by patenting the process and banning innoculation. Tadaaaa a great new business model for making pots of cash AND keeping the population down. You gotta hand it to them. A genius plan which even I didn't spot til recently.
I spent 35 years trawling through 'science', listening to others talking about vaccines, immune systems, antibodies, ingredients, contagious diseases. It was a minefield of half truths, half lies, tangents, mud-slinging and rabbit holes. It's any wonder I came out the other end with all my marbles intact. But I did.

After chewing on the 'science' which everyone seemed to think was the answer to everything, ignoring the fact that it had got us into this mess in the first place, I finally found the emporor of medical science actually was wearing no clothes. Not only was he naked but he'd forced us all to wear magical latin specs so we couldn't actually see his naked ugly body jiggling down the mainstreets of every town and city in the 'civilized' world.

STILL the 'anti-vax' crew were biting everyones ankles with the mantra of 'peer review', like it was some elixir of truth. Trust the science they all cried until the whole world had to trust it too.
It is a very difficult task to break out of the cult of scientism just like any cult is.
Many are still stuck in there with no hope of escaping.
The industry was on the run but the anti-vaxxers were still navel gazing. They should have picked up pace. No more picking at individual vaccines, exposing them individually which is time consuming and moves at snail-pace as the industry just makes new recipes even mixing multiple recipes together as fast as we could pull them down. Remember how much fuss was made of a 3 in 1 like the MMR? That is so last year. Now they have 6 in 1's.
It was a losing game YET the anti-vaccine movement WAS gaining ground. We had them worried. They were so worried they even made new peer reviewed papers about 'vaccine hesitancy'. That was a goal to us, they were on the back foot.
THEN we got covid. Is this going to be an own goal for the vaccine industry? Never before have so many actually questioned what these cults are injecting into us. It could be an own goal yet the irony of the whole thing is that the covid shots ARE NOT EVEN VACCINES.
Just when we were starting to expose the whole basis of vaccines and even 95% of modern medicine by realising they had based it all on a false theory.
Germs do not cause disease............

This has confused the anti-vaccine movement as having had their heads in the trough of germs, viruses, immune systems, and all that nonsense we've suddenly been flung into the even more fairytale storyland of genetics.
This was another genius move on the oppositions part. They have not only moved the goalposts, they've changed their kit and moved the bloody playing field.
Multiple reasons for doing this, the main one being avoiding the long and arduous testing process and also litigation. They even get to ride on the massive reputation of 'vaccinating' built up over 200 years. They used a kind of trojan horse tactic to usher in a brand new technology and dressed up the naked emperor with a new fancy outfit including bells and whistles.
Now everyone is scrabbling about in the dark again until those of us who HAVE taken a look at this new outfit can somehow explain in plain English what the flippin feck is going on in those secret labs.

Now we have to listen to all the nonsense about bio-weapons, manmade viruses, gain of function and genomes until everyone is brought up to date on the new rules of their game.
I have written down everything I've so far come to understand on my wordpress scribblings. I don't think there is anything more to explain. It's all there already. Until the game gets rigged again.....................
This post was inspired by this devastating post I just saw today and which has personal implications. The one thing that may come out of this is that people might actually see what we in the anti-vaccination world have been screaming from the rooftops for years, because some people just don't see things until they slap them right in the face and even then (as in this case) they remain permanently blinded.


This word is the equivalent to a racial slur to a scientist.

The inventor of mRNA has actually pleaded with the public to stop using the term as his colleagues have had their careers damaged by the word being used when they use the scientific method to try to disprove their own science and test their thesis.

16 Minutes in,

Exactly, it is fraud, just like back in the day the invention of the very word was fraud. Robert Malone is in on the fraud whether he knows it or not. I think he's a bit dim which is why his invention doesn't actually do what it says on the tin.

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It's other scientists who have failed using his patent, that's why he has nothing to loose by criticism of their products.

Just in the sense he doesn't want it to be used on humans, should say enough about the stupidity of those scientists who want to inject that technology into us.

Robert just invented it and had no intention of testing on humans this soon.

The genetics science has been defrauding everyone since the 70's at least. They have always been on a 'fake it till you make it' agenda just to keep the money rolling in. They promised cures for cancer back then to keep going after they were almost shut down then they latched onto the vaccine industry too. His research was bogus from the start and he knows it. It was never intended for use on animals or humans and it doesn't work.

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There has been 4 known cures for cancer that were not given any focus due to the low profitability. For profit Healthcare needs to be checked for flaws.

The crazy stuff that goes on in this world never seems to end.

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