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As you go through life, you'll see that there are more to life than just being alive. Family!
Family, we know is a group of people related by blood. But I must say Family is not just a relationship by blood. It is also a phenomenon used to describe the group of people whom you feel safe with, those whom you are ready to share your life and dreems with and those who would come through for you, anytime any day. They don't have to be related by blood.

This kind of friendship and care, you can find on dreemport. Dreemers on hive are amazing people and under the auspices of our super dreemstar known as @dreemsteem, we are united and happy to mingle.

Yeah!. A warm embrace from someone you have known and come to work with and enjoy his company and work ethics. We can become a teem

I have the dreemers; very many that I would love to ask to be on my teem to my dreem. 😅. I could ask them all to come share in my World.

Before I go ahead to mention them, permit me to wish my Big Sis, @dreemsteem a hearty congratulations on her 7 years anniversary on hive.

@dreemsteem, you deserve more than an accolade. May you your life continue to be sweet and not bitter as you make the life of others better. ♥️. Years ago, on uptrenbd, I was drawn to @dreemsteem because of the way she makes her posts. At first, I thought she was a man. 😅

I remember meeting her in chat room at uptrend and asked for her friendship and tutolage, that was when it all began. Over the years, I have seen @dreemsteem and loved her for her kindness, resilient, intelligent and civilized approach to things. I have learnt a lot from her. She is full of knowledge, vibes, energy and ideas. She thinks outside the box and Permit me to say, in all her ideas, she never goes wrong.

@dreemsteem, if you are participating in the challenge, I should be in your teem please. Hey! I said it first before @kenechukwu97😅😅

And surely having you in my teem will bring in more energy, expertise, devotion and attention to details.dreemsteem will be my encourager. She will be the one advising me on how to go. The steps to greatness or how best to succeed. She has the skill and her intelligence would be an added advantage. Her presence in my teem would mean a perfect turn out and the results are going to be amazing

How I have long for a warm embrace from you @dreemsteem for a very long time. Although at a point, I got busy and began pursuing some other things that made me become less available for wealthier responsibilities, I still love and support @dreemport. Gradually, I will make myself available more to serve. Thank you for all you are doing and what you still want to do for dreemers.😋


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Like I said earlier, we have very good hands at dreemport, for the purpose of this challenge, permit me to call these family: @beckyroyal, @mcyusuf, and @kenechukwu79 as those I need to sail together with into the dreem land, our dreem space. 😅

From years back in uptrend platform, I have known the last two @mcyusuf, and @kenechukwu97 . and knowing them has been wonderful.I met @beckroyal, not quite up to four months but she already looks like my darling sister.

@beckyroyal is a lady I admire so much. She is always available. She is very diligent and resilient. I have only met her a couple of months ago (less than 6months) but we chat every day on hive. She is strong and devoted. She is a goal getter and want to live her dreem in a dreem space and is giving her best to stay positive, never allowing stress of life to deter her dreem for her and her cute daughter

@mcyusuf is another guy I have admired for his hardwork. From uptrend, he has been with the dreemport teem and has faithfully worked alongside @dreemsteem and others. He is a good friend of mine and brother, and I enjoy spending time in his dm chatting and asking questions.

@kenechukwu97, a necassary headache! hahaha. He is one guy I would love on my teem. He is a go getter and very hardworking and ambitious. He is a Financier. He is very open minded and hilarious too. His dm is always available and he is easy to talk with. I remember a time we chatted about a business plan he had, I felt so happy that he could share his concerns with me. Every day, I watch him work closely with @dreemport and give his full support to the teem. This man has to be in my teem, he loves food too and he can't do without asking 😅


@mcyusuf is someone I appreciate for his hardwork. He is always busy for the team and he is a tech guru. He can write codes and use it to execute many programs. That is my field too. As a computer graduate, teaming up with @mcyusuf will give rise to more learning, more team play and more proficiency in new skills. These skills can translate into a wonderful World of opportunities, wealth and happiness.

@beckyroyal is another lady who is very ambitious and ready to reach the peak so as to give her daughter a better life. She is a teacher and wants to leave the best legacy for her daughter. I love her to be in my team because together as mother of girls, we will work together to leave our girls with the best legacy ever. She enjoys cooking and cooking too is my hubby. With our culinary skills joined together, we would be able to run culinary classes for others, train our girls to be better in every respect. She is also a teacher, together we can raise our girls to be well rounded girls who will compete with other youths and even do more than men can do.😅

@kenechukw97 makes me laugh all the time. Our conversations even if serious are always conveyed in a funny way. just imagine, I asked him this evening if he is ready to fly to my dream land with me, he said I should allow him go iron his shirt. hahaha. I told him to abandon the shirt and hop into my teem even if with singlet and Jean. Hahaha. @kenechukwu97 is intelligent and Frank. He is dedicated too and is businesslike. Having him in my team will be a great honor too as he will bring in energy, explaining every task into details and ensuring that I am coping and catching up. He has a good team spirit. I have worked with him as dreemport staff and in my teem, he would make a good impact on the group. When we are tense and needs to unwind, @kenechukwu97 has a way with words that can help the team relax while building and shooting for the sky.😅

No one of them is jobless. They are all engaged with activities but their love and desire to achieve their dreem will help them find a workable schedule to allow time for the challenge.

@mcyusuf works secularly but devotes time for other tasks on his computer. @kenechukwu97 works too but his loyalty to dreemport and the desire to see the project succeed will continually cause him to make out time. My love @beckyroyal is a mother of a beautiful girl. Her daughter needs her attention and she too has a job, yet she finds time to be on hive everyday. She is always the first to visit my post everyday and she is all-engaging across the chain.

So yes, despite their busy schedule, I believe they would all be available and have the energy and zeal to pursue their dreem to fruition..

It's going to be wonderful working with them. I look forward to finding my treasure in my Dreemland alongside this squad .

Thanks everyone for being available for this challenge, let's pursue our dreems, this time with all zeal, passion and drive, let's make it happen. Dreems come true when you believe. Let's support this challenge and work with one mind and spirit. See you at the top.😘😘😘

This is my humble participation in the @dreemport challenge for week three.

Thanks for your visit. Load me with comments 🙏🙏



I need to ask you sis if you have a Crystal ball that you use to monitor me, chai, you described me well o. Not only can I cook or love to cook, I also love to eat😂😂

Thank you for including me in your dreem team. I also find this an honour to work with @kenechukwu97 and @mcyusuf.

Wait o, do you mean @kenechukwu97 is funny and even jokes,hehe. This is wonderful news to my ears.... can't wait to catch his joke someday.

Thanks again sis ..much love

Hahahaha, I do not have crystal ball to monitor you Sis. We talk about ourselves in our posts. You have mentioned some of these here and when you love someone or pick an interest in someone, you don't forget things that matter to them 😅.

As for @kenechukwu97, you didn't see me describe him as necessary headache?😅. He plays a lot and is also very serious minded. If you work with him in a teem, you will see that he is a great guy, not uptight but friendly and approachable.

@kenechukwu97 come and answer for yourself o. I am already raising your CGPA too high. Hahaha

😂😂😂 the cgpa is high o

Haha... Keep pushing the CGPA ooooo. I want it to get to first class 😂

Haha, I heard there is a new one first class plus. That's where you are heading already 😅

Haha... Madam Adore is a HypeWoman and she's doing a very good job. Lol.

It's good to be in the team with you

Lol... My clothes are well ironed. My luggage is well arranged and I'm already onboard this ship. Let's sail to the Adoore Dreamland. Haha. I'm already imagining the combo of delicacies that will be on the menu. Haha.

Adoore Madam. Thanks so much for fitting me into your team. The other members of the team are awesome people. I'm sure it will be a joyful experience to work together with them.

I hope we all can work together to help you achieve your dream. God Bless You 🙂.

Of course we all can work together to make an amazing teem. For sure the combo of the delicacies will be sumptuous to the highest degree. My Sis @beckyroyal doesn't play with cooking and eating is her best part. 😅You can be sure your stomach will never be empty while sailing on the ship and when handling it task 😅. It's so good to have you here, Bro. You are blessed

Lol... You are beginning to drag me into this with food and I'm not gonna think twice about it. Haha. I'm all in and I will be looking forward to item-7 whenever we have a team meeting.

This is awesome and I know we all will achieve our goals in the near future.

😅Surely by God's special grace,we will achieve our dreems. Sure name what you want during teem meeting 😅 and @beckyroyal will deliver. Hahaha

Lol ok o...no wahala

I'm nowhere near being a tech novice not to mention guru. 😂 I only keep dreeming to get a computer degree and sit for certifications just like you.

I feel honoured to be part of your dreem teem.

Hahahahaha, ok. Thanks for your modesty. But I know you are not doing so badly. Thanks for being a part of this teem, together we will do great things.

Wow! These are amazing teem members you've got there.

With these people by your side, your dreem is a done deal as you have people who are goal-getters and people with a vision to succeed.

Thank you for sharing this sis.


Thank you so much, we all got amazing people, and with the right energy and encouragement, we will reach out destination. Thanks dear for stopping by

Aww this is such a sweet read, having amazing personalities as your dream team is a sure success for your dream, I admire theme relationship you've built with them over time, guys , continue being awesome.


Thanks dear, I appreciate your kind comments. I wish all teams the best, we shall all see the fulfilment of our dreems IJN