IAAC #50 MAKING mango milkshake

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a little imitating image of myself lol

Hey, you guys I hope everybody is enjoying their days like I am. As you know it's summer and we need to consume more liquid to keep our body healthy and what is the better way to do so than drinking something delicious.

I had made some mango milkshake by taking half a liter of milk and to mangos and a little cream to my liking for better result add ice or freeze your milk beforehand to get that thick texture milk

also, our goat is pregnant with a baby and we are hoping to get it in 2 or 3 months so
I also bought some com and list token to get more staking reward

that is from me guys peace @aiovo

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Great to see you alive and well @aiovo, and nice that you are celebrating your day 50 with a milkshake, I bet it tasted great, enjoy your day and stay safe, awesome and alive.

Made in Canva

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thanks for noticing and yeah it tasted amazing

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Good Morning, @aiovo! Great to hear! You're very welcome and enjoy your day! 😀

Made in Canva

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Hi @aiovo I'm so glad you are alive and well, mango is an exquisite fruit and really with milk is spectacular.

yeah i agree

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Hello dear friend @aiovo, Congratulations for crossed 50th day on I Am Alive Challenge. As you said you have prepared mango milkshake in this awesome day. I really believe that, it was so delicious and nutritious. Have a successful day. Be safe and stay alive.

thanks for good wishes

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Manogs are a delight and this is the time of the year when they are most commonly found. They have become an excellent food option when the economic crisis hits us. I have never eaten them with milk, so I will try this idea of yours. I liked your goat, success.

great try it

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w-wow! thanks for sharing this here. I'm gonna try it out and make my post too soon as your new student lol.
I'm happy to see that you are alive and that your goat is about to bring in a new born.

stay alive and lit.


i will be witing to see your post if you mention me

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@aiovo nice you see that you are enjoying the summer
I am not a milkshake fan. Slice mangoes is my way.
Anyways, i am sure you enjoyed the mango milkshake

Take care and stay safe

I also enjoy eating mango slice

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greetings @aiovo, very tasty mango smoothie and the meringue is even richer, greetings, stay alive.

yeah sure and thanks

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Sounds yummy. Are you hoping for a boy or girl baby goat? Take care.

don't know what will we get but we hope it's healthy and yeah we hope its a girl

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how are you dear friend @aiovo good day
That in addition to being delicious dear friend, it is very nutritious, milk and mango have many attributes that are good for the body.
I take this opportunity to wish you a splendid afternoon

yeah it has and you too

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I more like to eat the flesh of the mango 🥭 directly , than turning it into something else. However, I used to eat mango 🥭 and milk 🥛with boiled rice 🍚 before. During the hot 🔥 season, eating something cold bring more pleasure. Hope that the mango shake was delicious.

I never tried it I will now

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Let us know your experience.

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thanks you

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i love beer

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