Lying To Yourself

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«We lie to others for myriad reasons, but we also lie to ourselves for myriad reasons also(с)

These words of @tarazkp from his post made me think about what it means to "lie to yourself".

Lying to yourself is saying that everything is fine with you when everything is sucks. Pretending to be happy when you feel like your life is passing you by.

Lying to yourself is blaming others for your feelings. To allow your feelings and emotions to be influenced by someone else's behavior. To be offended, believing that you are being hurt. To be angry, believing you are being angry.

Lying to yourself is to think that achieving some desirable goal will make you happy. A house, a career, a wedding, money.. Happiness is your decision.

Lying to yourself is "cutting corners", working half-heartedly, starting something knowing you're not ready to go all the way.

Lying to yourself is "sticking your head in the sand, "saying "everything passes," instead of making hard decisions.

Lying to yourself is trying to escape from your problems. To another job, to another partner, to another country, to another addiction.. You can't run away from yourself.



Lying to yourself is to strive for what you don't need for a long time, to go around in circles, thinking that you are moving forward.

Lying to yourself is avoiding new things, limiting your life to your comfort zone, while expecting new changes and accomplishments.

Lying to yourself is worrying about what you've done in the past, blaming yourself for misbehavior, thinking you could have done things differently.

Lying to yourself is trying to earn love by manipulating another. Controlling him or her and punishing him or her for not conforming to your expectations.

Lying to yourself is saying you like being alone without admitting you're not ready to take responsibility. Or to maintain an outmoded relationship for fear of being alone.

Lying to yourself is to seek approval from others without finding it in yourself.

Lying to yourself is to think that someone needs you for nothing. The world is only interested in what it can get from you.

Lying to yourself is to think that you are always objective and know more than others.

Lying to yourself is to believe that the world will meet all your expectations. To count on expectations, to plan on expectations, to dream on expectations. And to be offended when expectations are not met.

Lying to yourself is to hope that you can lie to others and not be deceived yourself.

Lying to yourself is to live a life that is not your own.

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What then should we do?

We cannot avoid lying to ourselves, can we?

It's not easy to face life at face value. We feel comfortable placing blames.

It makes us feel better with ourselves.... But for how long?

We can choose to go all the way or be stuck in one place, wishing the heavens will come to our aids without us, lifting a finger

We need to start taking responsibility, for all our actions

We need to start telling ourselves the truth.... It's the only way we can find true happiness

Happy new month to you, @alekst7

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Thank you) it's nice that we understand each other)

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Mmm. Definitely a good topic for discussion, because usually all the attention is being paid to the lies we tell others. We lie to ourselves a lot too, especially when we are in denial and when we are refraining from researching or listening to some arguments because we are scared it might make some lies we hold dear undefendable.

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I don’t think this is such a capacious concept as you wrote it
Kant rightly compared falsehood with inaction. So, everything can be summed up in one word))

Interesting vision you have with Kant) That's exactly what you said)

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Reading through this, I think I'm one big liar to myself. I've lied a lot to myself and I just kinda realized it now.

I don't think it's possible not to lie to oneself, sometimes we lie to ourselves to comfort ourselves from feeling too hurt.

It's not always right but it should be allowed some times, lie but don't deceive yourself too much. You can say you're fine but don't stop taking good care of yourself.

Anyways, this is a really nice post.

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Thank you for your attention and approval) I am glad that it was useful for you)

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Lying to yourself is saying you like being alone without admitting you're not ready to take responsibility. Or to maintain an outmoded relationship for fear of being alone.

I love being alone and I'm lying to myself

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