POB staking details -14th June to 20th June.

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Good evening to everyone . Here is the past weeks staking details.

This is a win -win for both stakers as well as community since it reduces liquid supply .

So I just retrieved the data for the past week -


This contains staking POB data from 14th June to 20th June ( Monday to Sunday)

Data related to POB staking

How many times did people stake in the past week ?

  • 1917 ( last week = 2075 times)

Number of times POB was staked(3).png

How many unique users staked POB?

  • 525 (last week = 551 users)

Number of unique users staking POB .png

Total POB staked during this period

  • 44025.08574 POB (last week = 49938.1017 POB )

Total POB staked(2).png

Mean POB staked at once

  • 22.9656 POB ( last week = 24.06 POB )

Average POB staked(1).png

Top 25 stakers


Amount vs. Account(6).png

Note: All the rewards from this post will go directly to Engagement Project .


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Woo hoo.... I made the list. I’m Hoping to stake 100,000 soon ... I just need my Bitcoin to go back up. Soon.

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I’m loving these super duper cheap POB prices.

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A bit slow but going to stake 100 POB soon.
Staker the smarter ;)

Thank you for these statistics. If POB continues to drop, I will be purchasing more. Stake your POB everyone, we need to keep it over 90% staked and its down to about 87%.

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The proportions are somewhat similar, which is a good thing
This community is growing little by little
Thanks for your great stats!

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So there was a slight drop after the drama, but at least people in general are still staking thats great news.

I think we will hopeful see improvements again next week since the issues have been resolved.

The community is getting back to its regular positive self, which is good to see, way to Go #pob peoples

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There's drama and positivity plenty. We can only move forward.

I can totally agree with that...

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Great charts and statistics. It's understandable to see slightly less staking due to the fracas in the past few days.

Hope this is bettered in the coming week has more positivity flow right back in. Also hope to make the list some day

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Interesting data, I will be watching more closely now... 👁|👁


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@amr008.pob! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @trading-tokens.

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Thanks for giving us the update @amr008.pob

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Fantastic post with good analysis.

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@AMR always aims to deliver sound data.

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I have just started here so I stake small but it's almost all I've got so far lol and I plan to continue doing this.

Hey bro so are you curating in pob? !PIZZA

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Hello @amr008.pob, I want to delegate my POB to you, how can I do it?

Hello @amr008.pob. I have delegated POB to your account. Am I eligible for Weekly POB dividends now?