STFU (IT IS WHAT YOU THINK) First Shot of Two Posts because it takes me a long time!!!

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I did this thing called a fun wordplay contest. The results were really awesome with tons of comments and chat and a few borderline oh so dirty ones. The contest presented brought out the true depth of wordplay and I like to watch! You are a sassy bunch!

I need to have some fun and don't you like to have fun too? Who doesn't? ......

Sometimes people question why I do these things. Why do I blog? Why do I blather and have contests? The answer is simple and it's the essence of the posts which is...YOLO..YO!
^I relate as I am also oh so passionate about food and what wisdom is relayed

Enough razzle dazzle, the original contest posts are here...

@calumam changed the game up in here! I was oh so startled and excited with his most generous heaping helping of POBS for those who dared enter the ACRONYM Universe!

The winners are as follows and then I will randomly invade your blog and for a few they will get full UPVOTES thanks to the most awesome and innovative @fireguardian who delegated to me to curate and that is what I am doing. My job as a non -influencer blogger I take seriously. Time is money so I like to read smart and learn stuff.

In no particular order here are the winners, enjoy the 5 POBs

  1. @frot snortying lulz

Geeks love ACRONYMS...GLA
The more they use, the higher their IQ...

2 @lucylin giggled oh so much

FOMO - Farting On Malevolent Orcs..

3 @wwwiebe Your creativity made me lmfao... I may need to resend the pobs, let me know if you get them on your end cause this is taking FOREVER!!!!!
hence chopping this sucker into two posts and everyone can deal ....with more "Rick and Morty"
you have to see his entries , next level / YOU WILL BE CURATED! I'll give a sample of a couple here.

Urinating (a tribute to my dog)

A good long time ago, when I was a Manager and had people report to me, I used to run a contest called "Guess Vic's Acronym." Whoever won received a free day off. My favourite was:
(Note: the losing answer was "a woman". The contest was to guess the acronym, not what I was actually doing; the person who guessed that particular wrong answer received only my public scorn)

4 @fireguardian I lulzed

I have a hard time when I try to read some English acronyms, most of the time I understand them wrong.
So this contest is perfect for me!!!
ttyl = too tight you fool
imho = i might hold on
and my favorite:
BRB = beating random balls!!!
Awesome contest!

5 @uwelang This made me smile and laugh, YOU WILL BE CURATED

YMCA - You Might Call me Ass ?
FBI - Fun Burning Idiots
SMH - Steem Made Hive, Steal my Hive
USP - Unified Shit Posters

Okay my shoulder is hurting too dang much so am ending this with an inspirational gif or two and remember that "STFU" aka Share The Freaking Upvotes, really does help you climb the ladder of success!

thanks for stopping by/ giphy and tenor giphs

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I hope those 5 winners got 10 POB each since the prize pool was 50 POB ;)

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i did 5 to 10 and am giving full uv's to some , well if I do another one may do less cause it takes forever to get the stuff to go through Hive Engine then pobs blahblahblah but yeah people want moar contest, I give them more contest! much wow :) there is another post I have to do tommorow of the other five

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It's a lot of fun, we need more of this in POB. Not everyone has the time to write out full posts on specific topics, some just want to have a good time and engage with the peeps. Let me know if you need some help with the rewards for next week.

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Too bad I missed all the fun, but at least, reading all the entries now made me laugh very hard ... keep it going SISTA

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I'm also sorry I missed the fun with this!

I SO need to join the next contest, keeping an eye out for it now @battleaxe!

Wait a minute! How come I missed out on all of these funs, and prizes?

My! My! I am going to keep my head and eyes down for the next one, I cannot afford to miss out again

great initiative, keep it coming buddy

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more's coming in the future :)

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Looking forward to more then

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Amazing acronyms are awesome (assounance always abounds, alright).

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DPOS , Delicate Plays of Sass
you are pob new and for your efforts I send you 5 pobs


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