UPDATE... (read on as the game just changed)

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Hello there, hope your day or night is at least okay. I had carefully crafted a fun little word game about the joys of "Acronym Play". I made it with thoughtfully curated "Rick and Morty" gifs then what do you know? @Calumam comes along and instead of just 5 POB's he is adding 45 more which means FIFTY are on the table on payout day. I'll be doing a post after payout as soon as I can on the winners and transfer the brainzzzzzz.

Paying it forward is an artform and fun and Cal really just did everyone a solid. THANK YOU!

Due to the sudden increase the rules are changing to 10 winners who will get FIVE Proof of Brainers or "Pobs", or whatever you want to call the actual 'token'). As always reblogs and support is appreciated and while not required I'd strongly recommend signing up for the @proofofbrain/ @proofofbrainio front in to use that wallet to at least make it easier on me.

The front end is being upgraded and is evolving thanks to the dev work of @leprechaun and a special thanks of support to @trostparadox and to @fireguardian who gets the pleasure of being admin in the chan. :P

Here is the original post that has all the rules inside and it's meant to be lighthearted, make you think a bit and spread some love. (or brainzzzzz)

*giphy When you realize you are trippin' over random peeps on the internet, don't do what she's doing! Remember this is YOUR TRIP and work and a bit of mirth makes the savage jungles of dpos blogging a bit more fun!


image is by ,owned and of @battleaxe working out and staying persistent, it's spelled wrong and don't care am lifting myself up off the ground which is a metaphor for something I guess

PUT YOUR ENTRIES INTO THE FIRST POST THAT IS LINKED ABOVE (if you don't read this or all the way down am not responsible, them's the breaks) Have a great one <3

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This means more payout on payday....hhehehehhe

I simply can't wait for payday...lol

Thank you for the update buddy

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cool, thanks

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Wow amazing contest,i will love to participate....

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yes , the first post is where to post things I just want to specify that
thanks :)

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