Bitkenstan_98 - A hundred meters.

A story about bitcoin, crypto, blockchain, and life.


Bitkenstan has a running story line.
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Mr. Holler: (running, busts into The Man's office holding a letter) Sir! A letter from Miss Hilda!
The Man: Mr. Holler. Did you just bust into my office without being summoned?
Mr. Holler: (looks back at door) You asked me to notify you immediately.
The Man: So, my question was...Did you just bust into my office without being summoned?
Mr. Holler: (looks back at door, runs out and closes door)
The Man: (presses intercom button) Mr. Holler, get in here.
Mr. Holler: (runs back in) I'm here sir!
The Man: I see that. What took you so long?
Mr. Holler: I ran.
The Man: Tomorrow you're starting a windsprint regimen. We need to get your 100 meter time down.
Mr. Holler: Okay. But here's the letter from Miss Hilda. I delivered the flowers and card. Then she gave me this letter. She had it already written out.
The Man: Of course she did. Place it on my desk. And see yourself out. (Mr. Holler puts letter on desk, exits) And don't forget your track shoes tomorrow.

Creator: Tough boss.

Originally posted July 14, 2020 at

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This NFT art looks interesting, I love bitcoin art and NFTs of any sort.

Thanks. I hope to get the story going further along in the coming months and get the NFTs up-to-date as well.