Bitkenstan_99 - Interpret the code.

A story about bitcoin, crypto, blockchain, and life.


Bitkenstan has a running story line.
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The Man: (picks up letter from Hilda, opens it, reads it over, pushes intercom button) Mr. Holler, get in here.
Mr. Holler: (runs into office) Here sir! Track shoes on.
The Man: Why do you announce that you're here, after you're here?
Mr. Holler: So you know I'm here.
The Man: I know you're here. Interpret this letter for me from Hilda. I think it's some type of code.
Mr. Holler: (reads letter) INVOICE Bitken Consulting LLC. Client: The Man Hourly Services: Monetary advice. - Hrs: 1 - Rate: 1,000,000 - Amount: $1,000,000 - Total owed: $1,000,000 (surprised with concern)
The Man: So, it's code for, "Yes I'll go with you on a date?", right?
Mr. Holler: Mind if I pull up a chair?

Creator: This is not gonna be good. Or it's gonna be really good.

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