It happens Now

in Proof of Brain3 months ago

I'll be damned if I say it's not tiring, just sleeping and waking. Trying to figure out how to get through the day, anyway that's the past.
Back then,living in despair, asking lots of questions without any answers.
Today, is the opposite which has left one at this instance remembering words from elders per se. Elders (those that have lived few and long years ahead) words making sense today, so I don't see any reason to worry about tomorrow.
There are lots of tomorrow that would keep one in the past, and hoping for a better one.
Truth is the despair seem to get bigger, and conquering it would be a joy but the truth remains that living and moving daily would certainly bring it all to a gradual end.
Note that, it's a gradual end.
The magic of believing works only when there's a deep level of belief and action that works together simultaneously. The actions to keep the hope alive, the inevitable bride that comes to collect.
Don't spent time to think when it would come haunting, just be sure that it waste no time to collect.