In The Land Of Trust : A Freewrite Poetry

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Once upon a time,
in a land of trust,
A couple lived,
with love and lust.
But trust was broken,
with a single cheat,
And denial set in,
a life-long defeat.

Mistakes were made,
and secrets kept,
Unforgiveness took hold,
and their love slept.
They sought help
from the local pastor,
But his advice was met
with much lesser favor.

For secrets don't mend,
and cheats don't cease,
And unforgiveness only breeds no peace.
So the couple divorced,
with heavy hearts,
Leaving behind trust,
and love that departs.

So take heed, dear reader,
and learn from this tale,
Of a love lost,
in a journey that's stale.
For trust, forgiveness, and love should unite,
And secrets, denial,
and cheats should take flight.


Here is your Proof of Brian. I think you meant #ProofOfBrain

Really nice poem you wrote there. I hope it was not inspired by a lifetime events but just inspired by your feelings