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RE: SIMPLE PROOF: Equality of Outcome is Impossible to Guarantee. This applies to the term EQUITY as well.

And we should never strive for equality of outcome, because not everyone wants the same outcome.

Sure, most guys want to be the rock star and have girls throwing themselves at him
but few people want to be the rock star because they want to get up in front of people and sing and change their lives.
Even fewer are gifted enough to play an instrument well, sing well or write lyrics well.
Still, everyone goes on and on about just being lucky. Never the hard work, or the drive to be that rock star.

Even worse, we have the Pareto Principal. 20% of the people do 80% of the work.
You cannot compete against that.
That means a high achiever in any field is doing 4x the work of any normal person.
You can't work 4x longer to make up for that.
You can't work 4x harder to make up for that.

And if you tried to make this equal (equality of outcome) everyone has to live with ⅕th of the stuff.
This is the reason communism fails. Just try to live on 20%.
Most super-saver minimalists are doing good if the live on 40%.

This is all about feel good, utopia wishing stuff.
And most that want this have never strived for anything.
Never worked hard for a goal.
In other words, the people that preach equality are the very people that society needs the least.


Well said. I don't have anything to add other than I appreciate you adding value to my post. :)