Noob Game guide Splinterlands, Rising star tours, & Hashkings

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Since Splinterlands user numbers have Skyrocketed, it stands to reason Hive should have a bunch of new users trying to figure out this blockchain behemoth. While I definitely cant explain all of Hive I have been here a year & I'm still learning shit all of the time.

However the Hive games are my specialty, & to be honest where I have made the most money by far. I'm definitely going to have to condense this write up so I believe ill focus more on Dcity & Splinterlands the most as they are the most popular and complicated.

If you have questions just drop it in the comments ill do my best to assist if I know how to help.


The contents of this write up are for informational and entertainment purposes only and does not constitute financial, accounting, or legal advice. ... By using this info, you agree to hold me harmless from any ramifications, financial or otherwise, that occur to you as a result of acting on information found in this post.



In Dcity you the Mayor build a virtual city with citizens, buildings, prevention, & technology NFTs. When referencing Dcity on Hive many tend to call it a build as depending on what NFTs you purchase your city can Produce several forms of crypto so the design of said build tends to matter.

Lets start with the basics your going to need houses for people to populate your Dcity build.

When you first start Dcity your on the screen above to buy specific NFTs you need to go to the P2P Player to Player in game market.
Once there I use the search bar as its easier
Once you find your desired building tech or citizen NFT you click the + symbol on the right to add it to your que.
After clicking the circled + you the click the underlined part in your que to get to this menu.
On the left your method of payment can be selected IE what form of crypto, This is a P2P market so to buy immediately you need to pick a crypto with that NFT being sold for the crypto your spending. I try to use SWAP.HIVE or SIM as they are the most popular.
The red underlined box is where you input the number you wish to buy. The instructions to getting to the sale menu are the same so the area to sell your Dcity NFTs is circled in grey.
Once you click buy or sell click the cart underlined above we are almost there bear with me.
Clicking accept completes all possible previously queued orders, Now you finally have a house.

( I build houses for a living and purchasing this House NFT was more work honestly feels like it takes like 10 min)

Now that we got an NFT lets pull up our build by clicking the city tab at the top
This window displays your NFTs visually & gives you basic stats like income number of citizens and number of buildings being operated or not.
The underlined numbers are the most important they are the number of citizens to hire and the buildings that are in use in your build. If the citizen number the one underlined on the bottom is red your lacking citizens and need more living space.

Now most builds focus on different forms of crypto production, My build focused on WEED production facilitated through their weed farm NFT. There are 4 secondary forms of Hive Alts producible by your build other then the Dcity SIM you can produce ENTRY, WEED, BEER, & GAMER.

All of those crypto listed above correspond to Hive services or tribes (Hive Blogs), Gamer is a Hive casino crypto. BEER is tippable to other users via a bot prompt, WEED has a blog and store based around cannabis, & ENTRY used for special Splinterlands tournaments.

Hive tokens are vast in their numbers to find out what one does use Hive engine

To find a particular Dcity NFT info on the info tab click the underlined all cards tab at the bottom.
Now this gets increasingly complex, but for now you have the basics when you get to the point of combination try this post.
In the future ill do a follow up including technology getting close to encompassing this whole game.


Splinterlands while free requires a (spell book) which costs $10 to transfer assets in or out of game & honestly doesn't really work without one.
Once you have a spellbook you can technically play with their provided NFTs, However I strongly recommend if you can afford them buying DICE packs.
SPS airdrops start by the end of this month so its a good time to own your own Splinterlands colection. As SPS airdrop system involves points given out for owning Splinterlands NFTs and your level of airdrop points determines your odds.

If your going to open a pack use 5 of each type of potion, this will increase your odds in the pack your opening.
I refuse to open packs without them its that important, If you take away anything from this let it be always use potions!!

Given I have gotten 5 Legendary Gold cards in a year I think I know what I'm talking about.

One of which I sold 2 days ago for $330 USD worth of DEC, if your going to open a chest from completing your daily quest I suggest using the quest potion at least you only need 1 per quest reward.
Todays quest

Now that we got some basics of Splinterlands down lets look at a secondary market.

WAX crashing is a good thing?


Typically you see a market crash you freak out or just ride it out not really a benefit in any way right? Wrong, in this section ill go over how the Splinterlands spike and the WAX crash can be used together to great effect. As well as how I profit the most from my NFT inventory and WAX alts.

First lets look t what tools the average hive user has at their disposal you see Hive engine, TribalDex, & LeoDex all have SWAPWAX. Which is a wrapped asset meant to replicate WAXP when purchased here you can withdraw the WAXP to your WAX wallet. This is step one step 2 take aforementioned WAX and buy Splinterlands packs or cards on Atomic Hub.

Splinterlands even has its own WAX atomic Hub page

Now what you will have to do to receive Splinterlands assets is pair your WAX wallet to your Splinterlands account. As well as get a spell book if your not playing yet somehow, assuming you have a spell book you can pair your WAX wallet by clicking link external account tab shown below.
Which pulls up this menu where you enter your WAX wallet address
once you have a spell book and have your account linked you can start making some money.
Now above is the price of the last land plot sold on Hive-Engine $83.03 at time of writing. Below is that same land plot asset on the WAX atomic hub listing
These are rather pricey but still $30 cheaper is a good profit margin, I used land plots as they are the most obvious price difference. However this doesn't mean that other assets are not able to be profited on as well in this fashion.

Now since both markets are based on assets without a stable value HIVE and WAX you can profit from buying on WAX while down then transferring out via the deposit interface on the Splinterlands WAX Atomic Hub.
found by clicking the tools tab on

You can also sell while WAX is down fetching a higher price usually as the smaller assets like Packs have a quicker turn over. Meaning that you can sell the same NFT for more. When the market rebounds you gain the profit in this method so it takes a little longer.

The land plots are more of a certain short term return as appose to waiting for the WAX price to return to $0.13 USD or more to turn a profit.

WAX alts

I save many of my NFTs and alts specifically for crashes in witch I gain the most from trading them.
Alien worlds TLM, Prospectors PGL, & Rplanets AETHER are examples of alts I accumulate until the price dips then trade on alcor. This Gives me a much higher profit margin which is probably why many quest why I tout Rplanet their return sucks if you trade out on a high WAX price.

You want some free WAX alts try these free games
Prospectors I feel erns the most and is free as well

A new launch for the world of botanica happens soon hopefully they fix their games evolution chamber.

Just a quick detour to WAX blockchain as they are a Blockchain with a NFT market connected to a few HIVE game collections like Splinterlands, Rising star, & now Ocean planet. Not only that they are by far the easiest to sign up for by far just log in with your social media account here.

Good time to mention I airdrop 6 NFTs to WAX wallet users every post for one lucky reader to claim. Just have a WAX wallet set up and click the link in the specified area, its first come first serve and can only be claimed once.

More Hive Games

Rising star completely free just get to level 20, in my list of favorite blockchain games this is easily in my top 5. Rising star is constantly having new features added there are real musicians getting their work tokenized & supported through their record staking.

Here's the newest feature for me to try Festival Tour
Bribe the security 1 Starpro lets see what happens
The Game said:
"You had a blast backstage at the United Kingdom festival and got a wristband."
Here's a quote from the rising star post on festivals:

"Each festival lasts for a week and happens in real time.

Convert Backstage Passes to STARPRO or bribe security directly with 1
STARPRO to go backstage at the festival.

Completing each festival mission gives you a wristband card for that country.

Collect all wristbands for a given area and burn them to receive a festival band member card.

Collect all four band member cards and burn them to receive an EPIC "festival band" card and have the ultimate bragging rights!"

So I could sell this for a bit of cash actually especially for rising star NFTs which I usually just keep to boost my account profits. As usually the NFTs boost your fans making missions easier.

However like it said in their post I combine all 4 from that area to get a legendary NFT which may be worth much much more.

You see for a blockchain game that is to date entirely free on my end I have amassed 34 NFTs and cashed out quite a bit of starbits. Now level 54 I'm well past the required level to cash out lvl20, this was tedious at first but the game became much more fun as I went on & they continued to improve.

Now I'm close to the band auditions, I'm excited to see the earnings potential at the later stages 3, & 4.

Now with this new world tour added to their ever growing missions menu rising star truly is living up to the name (the little blockchain game that could).

So for the cost of nothing will you be the next star rising?
I'm at 13 referrals so far damn I must be convincing or something, seriously though Rising Star and Splinterlands got me to a point where I'm making $300 a day on occasion $40 on a slow day. This is just my NFT portfolio BTW I made over $600 on NFTs since Saturday, I re roll some but I'm still clearing $500 in profit.

Keep in mind this takes effort, keep at it is the best advice you can get. It took nearly a year but my effort is now paying off.

Hash Kings

Hash kings twitter has been really cryptic as of late
Color me curious cant wait to see this make sense, I'm sure it does but currently I got nothing.

As these take hours to days to put together I ended up getting a solution .
cool Raids how is this weed related again, raids suck IRL its cool like the game improvement just raids sends a chill down my stoner spine.

Picked the right time to start messing with their MOTA pool I dont think I got one but I'm unsure as I have been burning over 100 BUDS for MOTA after each harvest.

So good time to get into hash kings its not free but I would get in on the ground floor Hash Kings seem to be full of potential.

Most of Hives NFTs other then Splinterlands can be found here

Ocean planet

Not really happy about this but I'm trying this game out to report on it to you the reader against my better judgement.
This is one of the missions you collect debris to sell or use in you base, unfortunately this game seems to be requisite purchase after requisite purchase.
Its interesting but I prefer to at least break even on a blockchain game and I'm not sure I can here.
By my count it would cost either $30 or...
I wont put $200 on a guarantee so I'm not sure how much I can test plus for charging this much the game is buggy as hell. Check it out if you want the link is below something just doesn't sit right with this one.

Look what I found

Two NFT collections I cant find the game for on Hive(s) NFT Mart
This one isn't ocean planet but a fishing game Called fish master this is all i found about it.
Now this next one I cant actually find even basic info on
Called the game of life I think someone is trolling me because WTF

Free NFT 1 time airdrop URL

I try to include a single claim airdrop URL for WAX wallet users containing free NFTs, It may only be claimed by the first lucky person to click the link. After claimed once the URL will no longer be active. The lucky reader should receive 6 NFTs if you received less then 6 check your whitelist settings. I threw in a pack of Rising star NFTs.

Once claimed please let the other readers know in the comments it helps.

Perhaps your interested in purchasing any of my NFTs from my ever expanding collection you may do so here.

My stock constantly rotates so it changes daily

Prospectors topping the NFT sale value for 3 days now also a free to play game check it out at the link below. BTW they have roulette so the Martingale system works here however no site reward and its not a large project so doing this could be detrimental. this game is free it makes real crypto give it a shot its not bad honestly you can make quite a bit on it.

more free WAX games, rewarding free NFTs/Crypto
Rising star is a totally free HIVE game no input for steady output my kind of investment.

Up to 5 NFTs on Womplay each of which adds to my accounts EOS bonusses daily. Nice little system of improving payout through involving their NFT collections which increases their Utility value. Making it a investment not a frivolous expenditure this helps market demand increasing price.


thanks for the guide it gonna help me a lot

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Hi!! i loved your post, sadly my upvote isn't worth enough to reward it yet haha. Well regarding the Raids on Hashkings, think of hashkings as a layered game. The base of everything is the farmers as they are the only players that can produce BUDS. Raids and other new game modes put BUDS as the center of everything increasing its use cases and the demand. Plus the vision is to have a Hashkings multiverse (something like marvel haha) so don't be surprised for future updates! and good time to start getting some mota :) !

Yeah didn't think of that yet but yeah your right this raids system will add a huge layer to the game the market has yet to account for.

yeah crypto is making a big name in the gaming

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Nice to know that you are really making some good money in NFT business.

I claimed the drop link.

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