I Don't Miss the Sand and the Sea Anymore

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Here's an unpopular preference and opinion. I actually don't miss the sea and sand anymore, especially sand lol, which is funny especially for someone who lived for some years on an island regularly doing adventurous stuff such as scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming etc. I know most people in this community are all for ooooh nature, wild living, off-the-grid, etc. City-living is demonized these days I mean it can't be all that bad depending on where you are. Or maybe it's just me and my unforgettable life lessons a.k.a. scars from my not so pleasant experiences on the island that lead me not to miss any of it at all. People just ruin the nature for me don't they? But hey, to each his own.

Living in the city doesn't have to be the antithesis of living a simple life. We can actually live a simple life NOW. Anywhere we are. Simple life is what you make it.

It's been 3 months and life has been good. I'm not exactly happy but I'm not so sad either. I'm just calm and less turbulent these days. Less diabolical. I just find this a bit surprising because I thought I could feel this calmness more when I was living on the island. The very reason I moved there. It turns out I'm wrong. I can achieve inner peace anywhere I am no changing of external events required. But for sure, my life is actually much simpler now amidst these buildings, fancy restaurants, traffic, and city chaos. I'm forced to stay even calmer and be indifferent to things.

The most important thing is that I'm making the best of my life and what I currently have. If I don't have things, then I probably don't miss or need those. "Turn your desire to stone" said Marcus Aurelius. Same goes with wild nature. For example, I appreciate the swimming pool in my place more. It is much easier and safer for me to swim in there. Don't get me wrong, I still like the sea. I just don't need to be in there everyday or for the rest of my life. For me, its everyday presence loses its charm. Its mysteriousness. A holiday in the beach or a once-in-a-while scuba diving trip would be better. These days though, I appreciate man made stuff more because it reminds me of the full potential of being a human being. And this is why I like city-living now more than ever.

If you've read my post some time ago, I'm actually into "Bullet Journaling" which helps me keep track of my routine and all the positive things that happen to me everyday. This is my way of rewiring my brain to be grateful and see the good things in my life right now.

Perhaps I crave a different kind of nature this time. I remember my trips in the coast of Chile and Argentina back in the day and I realized that this is the kind of nature setting that I prefer now. Being in the middle of the vast emptiness of the sea and stretch of sand. The silence and solitude of it all. No nosy and dangerous humans creeping around ruining the whole nature experience for me. Or worst, even ruining my life.

Perhaps I like living in a cabin and experiencing the cold mornings in the woods with a cup of coffee in hand, walking through the eeriness of the forest, and reading a book on my porch while listening to the wild birds. How nice would it be if this would be my "end game". The kind of nature setting that I only read in books or what I experienced once in my life when I was in South America.

Anyway, I am living NOW. In this big city. With my books and my cat and my music and the hearty meals I cook. I feel healthy I feel taken care of (by ME). What more could I ask for? I now have exactly what I wished for some years ago. No more salty sea, no annoying sand slipping through the cracks of my bags and shoes. Life couldn't be better.


Peace is where you make it. I love LA, many hate it but I find my solace and inspiration here. Might not make sense to many but as long as it makes sense to me is all that matters!

Peace is where you make it.


These are the type of moments when it feels nice "being in your own skin"... If that makes any sense.

I think it makes sense! :D

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